Magnus's Daughter

"Just go through the portal, sweetheart." father said. I nodded and ran down the long corridor to the portal. A blue light hitting my head and taking what I needed most. My memories.

But Kylie Bane doesn't need her memories, does she?

(Based off Tv Show on "FreeForm")

(Some Malec is noticeable)


10. Magnus Bane

The first thing I notice is that his make up is on point. He is a guy. How does he do it?

The next thing I notice is that I am standing in front of my father.

"Kylie, are you going to say 'hi' to your father?" He asked. He seemed really nervous.

"Hi." I said. He just laughed. Right away Alec smiled.

"You two need to stop being adorable." I turned around and saw Aunt Izzy. "I mean seriously. Stop. Kylie, I feel bad for you." She just smiled. I looked back at my father. He was holding Alec's hand very tightly. To calm him down, I went up and hugged him. He was stiff and surprised at first but eventually hugged back.

"I wanted to be with you the whole time you grew up but it was dangerous. I was keeping you safe." He said. I only nodded. This wasn't the time to say anything back. Not now. I actually started crying.

"I'm not wearing waterproof makeup." I laughed. My father starting laughing too.

"And out of everything I got you for your birthday, I didn't get you any waterproof anything." Alec smiled behind us.

"One thing your going to like about your father, Kylie, is that he is better at makeup and makeup tips than anyone else." Alec said. I laughed. I walked over to Alec and hugged him.

"Happy Birthday."

And it is. A terrific one.

"I love you, Papa." I told Alec

"I love you, Dad." I told father.

"I love you, too." They both said. This is when I knew. I had a complete family.


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