Magnus's Daughter

"Just go through the portal, sweetheart." father said. I nodded and ran down the long corridor to the portal. A blue light hitting my head and taking what I needed most. My memories.

But Kylie Bane doesn't need her memories, does she?

(Based off Tv Show on "FreeForm")

(Some Malec is noticeable)


2. Kitty Cat Tattoo

I sat down in my desk chair and opened my laptop. After opening Google and of course opening my favorite site of all, Wattpad. I went back to google and typed.

Magnus Bane

Nothing. Not a single thing. Maybe if I-

Knock. Knock.

I went to the door and opened it. Nobody. I look to the left and right and saw nothing. I looked down to find a small note. I quickly pick it up and read.

My dearest Kylie,

I have spent a lot of money on you this year. How about take a trip to your friends tattoo shop and get that cat tattoo you always wanted. You're worth it.

Your Father

I reread the note over and over. Father? Magnus or Alec? I didn't ponder on it too much and grabbed my purse and started heading to my friend's tattoo parlor.

I ran down the street and finally found her shop. I didn't get there without stares from guys but what can you expect if you're wearing a dress where your butt hangs out. Metaphorically of course.

I opened the door and stepped in to the ringing of the bell. My friend, Kyrsten, came out to the sound of the bell and smiled when she saw it was me.

"Sit down and we'll get started. You got a great father. Oh and before I forget, here's a note." She handed me the note after I sat down and started her work on my arm for the tattoo.

I quickly tore open the note and read.

My dearest Kylie,

You are probably reading this as you get your tattoo. But I have another surprise for you. Trust me, you'll love it. Have fun getting your tattoo then head to the institute for your next surprise. It's with Izzy.

Your Father

After getting my tattoo, I ran as fast as I possibly could to the institute.

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