Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


10. Side Story: Twin Wings and Twin Roses (MAJOR MANGA SPOILERS)

A/N: MAJOR MANGA SPOILERS!!! DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ CHAPTER 84 OF ATTACK ON TITAN/SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN! Continuing the Author’s Note, I was a big Team Erwin fan, since the Commander of the Survey Corps is/was my favorite character. Chapter 84 really made me cry, of sadness and joy. The poor man, I read the foreshadowing, I knew it was coming, but I chose to ignore the signs. After I had gotten over the shock and the worst of my grieving had come to an end, I suddenly found a drafted story I had written of Levi and Erwin visiting Reyna’s stone after the serum in Shingashina after the war. I recently decided to alter it, making it more heart wrenching based on how the manga has turned out: Levi visiting Reyna and Erwin’s stones. I hope you enjoy! REMEMBER: MAJOR MANGA SPOILERS.


Had he made the right choice?

The Survey Corps, the one light of hope within the Walls, had extinguished. Every single member had been wiped out besides the 104th members, Flocke, Levi, and Hanji. Their Commander…

Levi remembered how the other members of the 104th crying as they helped Armin emerge from his titan. He remembered Hanji with a tear running down her cheek as she murmured a farewell to the blonde laying on the rooftop, whose body had already grown cold. Levi remembered how he walked up to the body, kneeling down.

“I-I’m sorry!” Flocke cried, saluting. Levi blinked, turning back to the man. He put his hand in front of his face, as if hoping there was a sign of breath, a way he was alive, that he’d open those eyes and smile, giving Levi a command.


Levi remembered riding back to Wall Rose, the crowd perplexed at the under 10 people arriving, a cart with only a few bodies that could be salvaged. Including his. How the crowds yelled angrily, rioting against what was the only hope for Humanity.

Hanji wore the green amulet, assuming the role of Commander in place of Erwin. Levi refused the role, he couldn’t lead. Flocke was still a new recruit, and the members of the 104th didn’t have the position to claim the role. Hanji was the only one worth to.

He remembered as the people of the city yelled at her, angered and demanding an explanation. Levi saw the tears in her eyes, she was still torn up about the loss of her squad and Moblit. Levi remembered thinking the unthinkable: That he was glad Reyna wasn’t here.

This surely would’ve broken her.

Once they got back to HQ, Levi left to go pack up Erwin’s things. He could at least get the room ready for Hanji when she was ready to move into it. Levi walked over to the door, slightly pushing it open. He saw Erwin sitting at the desk, doing paperwork, Reyna sitting on the desk making fun of his eyebrows.

Levi blinked. And they were gone.

He shifted the crates in his arms. He began by unloading the books and scrolls off the shelves. Levi found himself smiling as he flipped through the pages, placing them carefully into the crate. Then he emptied the drawers, putting unfinished paperwork on the shelves, loading up the long finished ones. The broken pencils, the unused quills. The Long-Distance formation plans and scrolls. Levi didn’t notice the heartache he endured. Once that was done, he set to work with the broom, duster and rags, cleaning until it shined. He was cleaning around the window when he noticed a small box on the windowsill. Levi stopped, leaning the broom against the wall. He reached for the box, opening it up. His eyes widened slightly. There was a piece of parchment, and a spare green amulet. Levi saw his name in neat cursive on the parchment. Levi picked it up carefully, opening it.



I suspect that I am already gone. I knew it was only a matter of time.

Assuming on whoever is left, I’d like you to give this amulet to Hanji Zoe. She has proven herself worthy of the rank Commander. Make sure she appoints Moblit as her second-in-command, and make sure he gets a hold of that drinking problem! However, if it were to come to pass Moblit is unable to come through, you are hereby appointed as second. This amulet is yours. I don’t know if hell has been prepared to expect me, or if a demon such as I can be forgiven. But if it is possible, that my sins could be forgiven, should I be lucky enough to get to know Frei? She seemed like such a strong and trustworthy soldier. But Levi, take your time. Don’t let ambition get the best of you.

Don’t become a demon like I have had to.

Your Commander,

Erwin Smith


Levi remembered giving the letter to Hanji. How she turned away so Levi wouldn’t see her cry. How she gave him the amulet and walked into the office, shutting the door.

He shoved the amulet in his breast pocket.

Levi remembered when he wore his trench coat, standing with Hanji, Flocke, and the other members as their previous commander was buried, never to be seen again. Fate must’ve been laughing at him, making him suffer more, for Erwin and Reyna’s stones were next to each other.


He watched everyone leave, as he stood in between the two graves. Reyna’s had her name, Reyna Frei Ackerman on it, with the two symbols of the two regiments she had been in: The Twin Wings and Twin Roses. Erwin’s had his name on it, and the Wings of Freedom in it. Levi closed his eyes, imagining his mother at a house on the Surface, making dinner. His Uncle Kenny, not needing to fight to survive, sitting at a table reading the paper. Farlan was chasing Isabel outside, Isabel laughing. Eld, Gunther, Oluo, and Petra were next to Levi, saluting with smiles on their faces. Reyna was helping their mother make dinner, cutting the vegetables. Erwin was standing in front of Levi, giving him an order.

When Levi opened his eyes, he was still greeted with the stones. He bent down to Erwin’s stone. Using his bare hands, Levi dug through the recently piled Earth, digging until he had a hole big enough, Levi reached into his pocket, pulling out the amulet. He placed it into the dirt, covering it back up. He wiped his hands off with a cloth, standing and walking over to Reyna’s grave. He fell to his knees, putting his hand on the name.

“I love you, Rey.” He murmured.

He almost thought he heard her as he walked away, back to HQ.

“Love you too, Levi-Bro!”


EDIT: I just wanted to say, the reason nothing of the basement or it's contents are being mentioned is because I don't want to stray as far from canon as I can. Therefore, the basement in Shingashira will not be mentioned unless I publish a side story about it. That said, I'm going to go cry in a corner and miss Erwin. I'm scared to get to Chapter 85 because I'm not ready for an SNK chap without Erwin.

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