Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


11. Short Story: With All My Heart (MAJOR MANGA SPOILERS)

A/N: STILL MANGA SPOILERS BE WARNED CHAPTER 84 SPOILERS! Anyways, me and a friend of mine messed around with the fact of Erwin Smith having a daughter, who joined the Survey Corps and (duh duhduh duuuuun) ended up dying. Mara Smith was born and for a while she sat there, a story not written for her. I decided to now. Hanji may seem a bit OOC, but seriously, she just lost her whole squad, her commanding officer who she now is taking the role of, and speaking of a soldier who she treated like her own child. Give her a break. Same with Levi. These poor traumatized cinnamon rolls. Anyways, hope you enjoy, I promise Reyna and Mara are the only two AOT OCs I have! Enjoyzey!


Hanji and Levi sat silently, the awkward air almost choking them.

“You know, Shorty,” Hanji said, “you never did get to meet Mara, did you?”

Levi raised an eyebrow. “Mara?”

Hanji smiled. “It seems everyone in the Corps has their connections. Eren has Mikasa, you had Reyna, well, Erwin had Mara.” Hanji leaned forwards, a smile still adorning her face. “She never got to see him become Commander.”

Levi still stared at Hanji questioningly. “What “connection” was Mara to Erwin?”

“Well, Mara Smith was a prized soldier. No one knew how she came to be, or where, but the resemblance was too well. She was Erwin’s daughter.” Hanji replied.

“Daughter?” Levi mused, confusion clouding his gaze. “What happened to her?”

Hanji turned to Levi, a stone-faced expression on her face. “How do most Corpsmen go?”

“Ah.” Levi replied. “Care to… tell me about her? I was never informed of any daughter.”

Hanji smiled again.


“Mara was special. Almost as bright as her father, and that’s not where the resemblance stopped. She had the same blonde hair, blue eyes, nose. She always joked, “I’m glad I got my eyebrows from my mom!”. She was a part of the Survey Corps for a good… year? Maybe a year and a half? She was always delivering paperwork to her father, and willing to help me with experiments. But that girl loved getting into trouble.

“I remember one evening when she came to my window, with a bleeding lip and a bruised stomach. As I patched her up, the girl was furious. “You should’ve heard the crap they said about father! You would’ve done the same if you were me, right Hanji?” I could never tell her no. So Erwin never heard of any of the times Mara would get into scrapes, over how people talked about her father. The young girl even took on grown men! Ha, that girl always knew how to make people smile.

“She was fearless, and something about the way she was so motivated, so forwards, really gave soldiers hope. I have never seen a girl so passionate about winning back humanity, getting at least one victory under her belt. Mara didn’t seem to care much about the titans themselves, but she constantly wondered about their origin and how they came to be. Oh, if she could see the strides we’ve made! Our victories we’ve managed! How she would’ve smiled! Mara was such a brave soul, ready to fight and courageous.”

“She seemed like a bright kid.” Levi remarked, stoic as always.

Hanji shook her head. “That kid… I treated her as if she were my own child. My best friend. If she were here, man…”

“How did she go?” Levi asked.

She smiled sadly, her eyes brimming with tears.

“During an expedition, the last one before you came along, Shorty, one of the squads was broken off by an ambush of titans. Mara was in the squad. I remember seeing as they were surrounded, I heard Mara’s yell as she attacked. Only one person survived the massacre. I ran back to the site, yelling for Mara until I found her, laying in her own blood, barely alive. Her legs were gone everything mid-thigh was just...gone. I slid to my knees, yelling her name. Those bright blue eyes opened, and she smiled. “Did we beat them?”

“Yeah.” I said.”

“Good. Are they safe?” Mara asked me.”

“I lied to her. “Yes.”, I said.”

“I am relieved. What about daddy? Will daddy miss me?”

“Of course, he will miss you so much.” I told her, brushing her hair out of her face.”

“Then she made my heart break, “Will you miss me mommy?” Mara asked, smiling.”

“What could I say? I was a meer squad leader, a friend of a dying soldier. “Yes.” I said, and yes I meant. I may not have been her mother, but I loved her just as much.

“I don’t know if she heard that, she was dead when I opened my eyes. I held her close to me, clinging to her as I cried into her cloak.That’s where Erwin found me. Crying into the body of a dead soldier. He called my name, I turned and said: I’m sorry. He frowned, nodding until I laid down Mara and he saw who it was. The rest… I’ve sworn not to tell a soul, but Erwin’s not here to stop me.

“He froze. In the midst of a battlefield of blood and death, he froze. Then he kneeled down. Took Mara’s pulse to be sure, then scooped up the girl like someone would their bride, and it was the only time I ever saw Erwin Smith cry.

“Erwin wasted no time. He wrote like he was running out of time, finished what his daughter never could. He rose up, he recruited three new promising soldiers, one of which rose above expectations. Someone Erwin could treat like his son. Like his child. We made leaps and bounds, found out more than we ever bargained for. Why was Erwin so set on reaching the basement? Mara. His ambitions? Mara. The reason he turned into a demon to reach his goals, was so unsure of the future, ready for death to claim him? Mara.”

Levi was perplexed. “I… He never told me of Mara.”

“Besides the veterans? I’m the only one who knows of her.” Hanji said. “You know, one man survived the massacre that was Mara’s doom. He witnessed her death. I never told Erwin, you wanna know why? He said as she was held in the titan’s hand, right before she lost her legs, she met eye contact with the man. He said her last expression was terror. She was terrified to die. She screamed out before she fell.”

“She truly wasn’t brave, huh.” Levi remarked.

Hanji grinned. “The kid always was a good liar.”

Levi clicked his tongue. “Did Erwin ever go to “visit” her?”

She shook her head, grin faded. “We had to abandon her body, the threat of titans was still strong and the commander made us move along. This was back when the bodies we weren’t able to save weren’t given a burial, or a stone.”

Levi looked upwards.

Maybe Erwin got to know Reyna, and got to reunite with his daughter.

“Hanji, you really loved that girl.”

“With all my heart.”



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