Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


2. Paid in Full

Reyna sat in the alleyway, tearing off another piece of bread with her teeth. She had to steal to obtain food, yes, but otherwise, she tried to live an honest life. Her brother’s words always ran in her head, until she couldn’t remember what his voice sounded like, what he looked like, who he was. She was alone, as far as she had known.



Work for…

Like us…

She couldn’t even remember anymore.

She heard footsteps, echoing as they reached her in the alleyway. She looked up from her bread, meeting calm eyes. He wore a military jacket with two overlapping wings on it. “Reyna Frei?”

“Yeah.” Reyna shoved the bread in her pocket, ready to run if needed. “That’s me.”

“I have a requested pass to the Surface paid in full.” He replied, flicking a piece of paper out of his jacket.

Reyna stared wide-eyed at the paper. “How?”

“Someone paid for it and gave you much money to spare.” He said, as Reyna stood and took the paper. Suddenly she lunged at him.

“How do I know this isn’t a trap?” She spat in a low voice, pinning him against a wall. She didn’t bother pulling out the knife sheathed in her belt loop. He wasn’t worth it.

“I-It isn’t. You will be escorted to the stairway.”

Reyna understood the sheer terror in his voice. Her eyes drifted down to the overlapping wings on his chest and arms. “That symbol… what does it mean?”

The man looked down at his jacket, then back at her. “O-Oh! Uh, they are the crest of the Survey Corps. The Wings of Freedom.”

Reyna inhaled deeply before stepping away from the man. “Okay. Take me to the staircase. I can leave now yes?”

The soldier nodded. Reyna looked around, scanning where she had been living for years. “Good. Get me out of here.”


Reyna’s arm didn’t even tremble as she held the salute. She stood among other people, either younger by a couple years or her age. She was 15. One of the oldest joining, but she was lucky she got in. The Commander went down, yelling in everyone’s faces and making them sweat. Reyna just stared forwards with an emotionless stare. Suddenly she was met with angry, cold eyes fused in her gaze.

“What is your name, cadet?!” He yelled.

“Reyna Frei, sir!” She said back, voice mildly raised.

“Where are you from, Cadet Frei?” He asked, hands behind his back.

She struggled with this one. What should she say? The Underground? Wall Sina? Both were true. Which one…

“Wall Sina, sir. Stohess.” Reyna sighed.

“What is such a spoiled girl like you doing here?”

Reyna cracked a smile. “To not be a sightless coward like those in Sina.”

The Commander was silent. “We’ll see where you fit.”

She bit back the angry response, eyes darkening.

Yes. We’ll see.

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