Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


8. Gunfire Part II

A/N: This is the last chapter before the epilogue. Spoilers for the manga. Also a bit short.


Levi set Reyna against the brick, dodging a bullet. He noticed she was overwhelmed with shock. No wonder she wanted to forget.

Levi dodged the bullets, trying to keep Reyna out of the line of fire. He used his cape to confuse and direct the shots away. Levi put an arm around Reyna, ready to run. He turned and saw Nifa’s dead body. He hesitated, before grabbing Reyna and running.

“Ran away after all, huh?” Kenny teased, watching them run.

Levi was suddenly surrounded by a crowd of gun-carrying soldiers.

He was being ambushed.

Levi clung tight to Reyna, who held tight to his torso. He zipped around, until some shrapnel cut his face. He heard Reyna cry out as some of the tinier pieces buried in her back. He skidded away, holding his sibling close to him. He had to protect her.

He couldn’t let her die.

Levi suddenly caught sight of a bar. He flew in, balancing on the counter. He perched there, setting Reyna down underneath it. “Are you alright?”

“Y-Yeah.” She replied. “I’m fine.”

“FOUND YOU!” Kenny yelled, bursting into the bar. He looked around, Levi nowhere in sight. “Wha… he’s not here?”

“I’m here, Kenny.” Levi replied from under the counter. “It’s been a long time.”

“How nostalgic. Show your face.” Kenny sighed. “And Reyna’s too.”

Levi growled. “Stop screwing with me. You were spraying bullets at me and Reyna, weren’t you.”

“Eh. Levi.” Kenny replied, grabbing a wooden chair. He threw it at the bottles of beer and wine, causing them to crash everywhere. “Why did you become a corpsman?”

Levi held the rifle in his hand. Reyna pressed her back against the shelf, her blade unsheathed. “You’ve been killing for yourself, haven’t you?” Reyna asked.

Kenny was silent.


Reyna suddenly became furious, bursting up with her sword aimed. Levi took aim with the rifle, shooting at Kenny.

The bullet from the rifle hit Kenny in the chest sending him back.

But not before he was able to shoot.

Levi had seen things that had scared him. Hurt him.

But nothing hurt worse than seeing that bullet rip through his sister’s body.


The girl had her mouth open, as if emitting some silent scream. She staggered backwards, her back connecting roughly with the wooden shelves. She slid down, painting them red.

Levi crawled over to her, pushing some of her hair out of the way.

She turned to Levi. “D-Did we get him?”

“Yeah. We did.” Levi replied.

Reyna smiled, closing her eyes. “Good. One l-less thing I c-can be scared abo-about.”

“That’s right.”

Reyna opened her eyes and smiled a Levi. “We did it, Levi-bro.”

“Th-That’s right.” Levi didn’t notice tears gathering in his eyes.


“Reyna, we got him.”



Her eyes were still open, her green eyes looking upwards. Her mouth was traced into a smile. Her hair was haloed around her head, making her look like some kind of angel.

She was dead.

Levi threw the gun back and picked up Reyna’s body, kissing her forehead. He walked out of the bar, holding the limp girl. In a sudden burst of anger, Levi used his gear to get out, holding the girl with his swords out. He escaped, killing many of the people.


The cadets saw Levi emerge, many gun-toting men following. They noticed the body in his arms as well. They watched in horror as Levi killed them, slicing them with the swords.


Levi landed in the wagon, setting Reyna down.

“Captain, is Reyna-”

“Our moves have been seen through. Let’s give up on Eren and Historia right now. They are using them as bait.” Levi said, cutting off Armin.

Levi turned to Reyna.

You knew already, didn’t you?

Levi turned to everyone.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do.”


A/N: Watch for the epilogue coming soon!!!

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