Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


1. Flying too Far

A/N: Hey! This is an OC I’ve had for a long time. These chapters will be a bit short, because I’m also trying to work on A Heart That Can’t Be Fixed, if you haven’t read that yet, check it out. Without further ado, the story...


The young boy shifted the younger sibling in his arms, sitting against the wall. Finally he had gotten her to sleep, some of the cloth of his shirt fisted in her hand.

The man came in, taking in the appearance of his mother. There was no point. He was careful not to wake the sleeping girl in his arms, raising his voice. “She’s dead.”

The man turned to him, looking at his scrawny body, the dirty clothes on him, the sleepy girl between his knees and chest.

“And you?” asked the man. “Are you alive?”

The boy didn’t respond, looking up at the man. “Oi, Oi. Give me a break.” He sighed, clearly annoyed. “Can you understand me? What’s your name?”

The boy frowned. “It’s Levi. Just Levi.” Levi looked down at the younger girl. “And this is Reyna.”

The man leaned against the wall, sliding to the floor. He seemed to be mumbling to himself, before raising his voice. “I’m Kenny. Just Kenny. Kushel… was an acquaintance of mine. Nice to meet you.”


As Levi and Reyna ate the food Kenny gave them, Kenny sighed. Two graceless brats on the edge of death. This was all that Kushel had left behind. He decided he couldn’t just leave Levi and Reyna by themselves. But Kenny very well couldn’t be a parent as well. He’d teach them a lot.


First was how to hold a knife properly. Reyna seemed to accel in this a bit more than Levi. Then how to get along with those around you, how to greet others. How to carry yourself, how to carry a knife. He taught them skills to survive in this Underground city. If they wanted to leave this place and go to the Surface, they could choose to do so.

However, when that time came, they’d have to do so on their own.

One day Kenny woke up to find Reyna gone. Kenny didn’t bother to search for her, she could take care of herself. Levi showed no sign of missing his sister or wanting to talk about her. However, she was gone, one less thing Kenny had to worry about.

Soon enough, he left Levi on his own. Maybe one day the two strong people would reunite. Kenny walked away, out of Levi’s life.


After Kenny left, Levi spent day and night looking for Reyna. He need to know she was okay. He never found her. He gave up, deciding either she didn’t want to be found, or…

He began to take jobs, stealing for money. Soon Farlan was joining him. Then a little girl named Isabel. He remembered when Isabel called Levi “Levi-bro” for the first time. Levi cringed, hearing Reyna’s little voice in his head, yelling “Levi-bro!” “Levi-bro, come here!” “Levi-bro, I want a hug.” Levi let Isabel continue calling him this name. At least it helped him remember.

Levi remembered teaching Isabel how to use the 3DM gear. He realized this was how Reyna probably would be acting, learning how to use the flying machines. Reyna always said she wanted to fly, so she could fly far away from the Underground. But for Levi, she flew too far away from him…


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