Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


4. Family Reunion

A/N: So, I did a request with OtakuLoveer and these next two chapters are her writing. I won't delete and I'm going to wrap up the story. Thanks, and enjoy!


She stood tall, standing on a building's roof as she waited. Were they really about to put their trust in some teenage boy who can turn into a titan? Should I even mentioned he knocked himself out?


It was Rico, she landed smoothly on the shingles and approached Reyna calmly. Reyna, as you would always do to a higher rank, gave a solute. But as usual, her expression remained stoned; so did Rico's. "M'am?"

"That boy won't wake up, and the blonde one is desperate to get him out." Reyna could tell Rico was annoyed, she was the one who opposed the plan first. Reyna's eyes veered left in thought, "You want me"

"No." Rico replied, and Reyna caught on.

Rico was just rambling. A brief silence, then the ground below began to shake. Both their heads turned and there above them, was Eren. Well, titan form Eren. Rico took a fighting stance but Reyna only stared up. He was..actually cooperating. This scene had brought hope to the rest of the Garrison. Soldiers all around shouted and headed into the battle. They were committed to protect Eren from the rest of the mindless titans, and a lot were killed in the process. Reyna saw a titan ahead of Eren, and before she knew it Rico was gone.

"Out of the way!" She yelled, slicing the titan's eye out and leaving the rest for a black haired girl below. A gust of wind and debris flying; the hole in Trost District was sealed!

Rico landed beside Reyna, she was on her knees and almost crying.

But of course it didn't end there, the boy Rico coined as the 'blonde one' was struggling to pull Eren out. Out from the nape, which was not the most pleasant sight, but he was struggling nonetheless. Reyna zipped down to the ground. She landed beside the black haired girl smoothly. Despite the drastic hair lengths they almost looked related. Almost. The girl's attention was glued to the scene above while Reyna stared at the two approaching titans.

"Unless you wanna become titan dung you better hurry up!" Reyna called out, her and the other girl's blades were out and ready. Two titans, two ready-to-kill girls.

Then, a beam of light so fast it was hard to read. Reyna heard the slashes, the dying screams of a titan and soon both were collapsed and decaying on the ground in front of her. Wait, both? On top of one of the titans, was another sign of hope. A pink sky, the rays of the sun beaming down on him. Reyna stared at the flowing green cape that bore the,

"Wings...of freedom." It was Eren, his last words before passing out. Reyna continued to stare, appearing uninterested at the sight. The man pivoted and glared over his shoulder.

Until he met Reyna's eyes. She noticed the twitch in his eyebrow, the slight shock. They held contact until Reyna found it creepy and looked away.

"Hey you brats." He spoke grimly; what a way to break the silence. "What's going on?"



Everyone was going crazy at the return of 'Humanity's Strongest Soldier'.

Reyna strolled down the halls, a lot had happened in one night, that Eren kid was being housed in the cellars below her feet. The rest of the titans were finished off by the rest of the Garrison and Survey Corps squad. And Reyna was busy trying to figure out why Levi gave her such a look.

She passed by Rico who actually grabbed her shoulder, "Hey cadet."


"Good job out there, you didn't die. And I'm glad because it would've sucked if the person who annoyed me the least was dead."

Reyna stared down at Rico with a deadpan face. But it was softer, Reyna was in a calm mood today. Actually, when Rico's sentence settled in, Reyna cracked a smile.

"You don't annoy me so much either Squad Leader!"

"Huh? What are you talking about I'm never annoying." Rico pulled back and began to walk away. Rico was being sarcastic, she knew that much.

Never annoying huh? Reyna decided she right, Rico wasn't annoying but she was at times..

Then suddenly, Reyna met eyes with ones even colder than her own. And they were nearing closer, irritating.

"Hey, you." Levi spoke in boredom, he crossed his arms and stood before Reyna. She could almost laugh at the whopping height difference. 5'6 for herself and what..3 feet for this guy?

Okay, maybe..5'3. The tallest.

And yet, he gave her a glare that resembled a threat. "Sir?" Reyna replied, it was usually easy to hide a smile but their height difference was too comical. This, was "Humanity's Strongest"? Maybe having short little legs made you faster?

"What's your name?"

Or meaner.

"Reyna Frei." Reyna stared down at Levi, trying to match his stare. "Sir."

"Tch. I knew it" He closed his eyes and looked away. Reyna was left confused, knew what? How?

"Where'd you get Frei from?" He asked, bringing Reyna's attention back.

"That's my last name...? Sir."

"Quit the sir shit it's annoying."

He's annoying. "Do you know who I am?" Levi added.

Reyna stared at him in disbelief. "Levi, humanity's greatest soldier?"

Levi twitched an eyebrow, he then lunged for her, grabbing her arm and jerking her into a near by room. Reyna pulled from his grasp and stepped back, "You crazy mother-"

"Reyna" Levi said slowly, his entire demeanor changed, he was..softer. Reyna still had her guard up, maybe his short little legs really did give him a speed boost! "Do you know who I am?"

"You're Levi, humanity's greatest soldier." Reyna repeated, a bit harsher this time.

Levi pinched his nose and sighed, "Reyna, I'm your brother."

Reyna's dark eyes widened, she gasped and stepped back. Was he serious? No. He couldn't be.

"The hell you get that from!?" She exclaimed, Levi folded his arms and leaned calmly against the wall.

"I understand. Not everyone wants their first meeting with 'humanity's greatest' to turn into a family reunion."

At Levi's comment she could almost choke. He sure wasn't a 'humanity's greatest' type of guy. "Look. We may have the same last name..but we're not-"

"Reyna. Frei isn't your last name. It's your middle name you idiot. I would know, I gave it to you." Levi replied, well actually..snapped.

Reyna was baffled, she found herself playing with a strand of her hair. "You..? But, I think I would remember living with you."

"You ran away at a young age, you were desperate to forget about me." Levi spoke grimly, his eyes even lowered.

Reyna folded her arms. This was too much, but he didn't look like a liar. But she...she couldn't be his sister! Reyna sighed, she needed to leave. Levi couldn't hold her hostage forever. The black haired female began stomping towards him, she reached the door and was just about to leave before Levi grabbed her arm.

Her arm. Her eyes widened and a flash of memories hit her like a wave. She remembered, the underground..Kenny...wanting to runaway from Kenny's morals. And Levi, she remembered how awful of an older brother he was. He had watched her leave with an expressionless face...

But he grabbed her arm and whispered, he said,

"Whatever you do. Don't join the military. They work for a government who hate people like us."

Reyna gasped and stumbled back. She stumbled into Levi's arms who held her awkwardly. "Seems you didn't heed my warning." Levi whispered, releasing Reyna after he grew tired of holding her. "Brat."

"Levi!" Reyna turned around, she faced the short fellow with small tears. She remembered sleeping under his arm on dark nights. Hiding behind him whenever Kenny came around. Though he didn't want to be seen doing it, Levi would always be sure to hug her back. To pet her head or bashfully shove her under him.

"Levi...Levi I- " Reyna was choking. How long had it been? Why did he still look the same? He was so short...yet,she felt that same comfort in his presence.

"Levi!" Reyna didn't want to be seen crying, she quickly leaned down and wrapped her arms around his built figure and buried her face in his jacket. "Levi...bro"

Levi blinked, he glanced down at Reyna. "Bro?"

"You joined the military too you big jerk!"

At the realisation, Levi soon showed a dull smile. His eyes relaxed and he hugged his sister back, "Yeah..I guess we're both idiots."




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