Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


9. Epilogue: You're Safe, Now

A/N: here's the epilogue hope you enjoy!




Levi stared at the man leaning against the tree, covered in blood. He had to blink, because for a second he could’ve sworn he saw Reyna.

“All your friends who fought with us have been crushed. Are you the only one left?” Levi asked.

“... Seems like it.” Kenny replied, eyes closed.

Levi was silent.

“Captain, he’s also…” A soldier next to Levi said, but trailed off. Levi thought of Reyna. If she were here, she wouldn’t have to live in constant fear of the serial killer before him.

If Reyna were here…

“Report in.” Levi said, turning to the soldier. “I’ll be fine here myself.”

The soldier nodded before turning and heading off. “Roger.”

Levi turned back to Kenny, his eyes trailing over his wounds. “Those huge burns and that blood loss… you’re already beyond help.”

“Hmmm?” Kenny smiled, pushing something towards Levi with his hand. “I wonder about that.”

Levi’s eyes widened. It was a syringe with a liquid in it.

The serum.

“Something I swiped from Rod’s bag.” Kenny lamented. “It seems… that if you inject this… you’ll become a titan. I’ll become… a stupid titan, but… at least… I’ll be able to… extend my life.” He said, reaching for it.

Levi sighed. “You should have had enough time and strength earlier to inject it. Why didn’t you do it?”

“Ah… I wonder… If you don’t inject it properly… you end up… like he did…” Kenny replied, referring to Rod’s titan.

“You wouldn’t sit around waiting to die. You don’t have a better excuse than that?” Levi asked.

“Ah… I don’t want to die… I wanted power… but… that’s right… I can understand what he did... “ Kenny smiled.

Levi looked at Kenny confused. “Huh?”

“Everyone I’ve seen has been like that. Be it alcohol… women… or even God… family… the king… dreams… children… power… Without being drunk on something, no one could’ve done what they did.” Kenny replied. “Everyone… was a slave to something… even him…”

Kenny coughed out blood, grinning. “What are you? A hero?! You couldn’t even save your own sister!!”

Levi bent down, clasping Kenny’s shoulder. “Kenny. Tell me everything you know. Tell me why doesn’t the first king want humanity to survive?!”

“I don’t know… however… that’s the reason that we Ackermans oppose him.” Kenny grinned, coughing up more of the red liquid, some splattering on Levi’s cheek.

“My surname is also Ackerman, isn’t it? Reyna too? Just… what are you to my mother?” Levi asked.

“Ha!” Kenny laughed. “You idiot! I’m just… her brother.”

“Back then…” Levi asked. “Why did you leave me? Leave us?”

“I… can’t be… someone’s parent.” Kenny said. Suddenly he smacked the box containing the serum into Levi’s chest. Levi accepted it, looking at Kenny in confusion. “Kenny…?”

“Kenny, why did you kill her?! Why did you kill Reyna?!”

He was dead.

Levi looked up at the sky.

“You’re safe now, Reyna.”


Levi stood in the hall, the trench-coat around his body. Queen Historia had just been coronated as ruler of the Walls. Levi sighed. He could almost imagine Reyna standing next to him. Her own military issued coat on herself, her long raven hair flowing free. She’d be cracking a joke, or standing silently by his side, a smile on her face.

He let out a soft chuckle. If she were here… she wouldn’t have to live in fear. She could start a life in the inner walls, have had a family. She wouldn’t always be scared at night, or always look behind her back for Kenny to come for her.

After all, a death by his hand was her worst fear, a fear that had come true.

He looked up to see many members of the Survey Corps, and Historia walking towards him. Historia stopped in front of Levi, letting out a “tsk” before slamming her fist into Levi’s arm with a yell.

Historia let out a laugh. “How about it? Coming from your queen? I you have any complaints…”

Levi felt a smile grace his face. I could see Reyna instead of Historia in front of him, a grin on her face. She’d be in a fighting stance, daring him to hit back.

He never would.

He never could.

Levi let out a soft laugh, smiling at the corpsman and queen, all of them shocked by his reaction.


“You guys… thank you.”


People had to move forwards through hellos and goodbyes. That was life. Who can predict who lives, who dies?

Some don’t need to die. Some are stronger than they think.

And some just need to smile.

That’s okay, that’s fine. Smile for them. Smile for her.

She’s the reason for you to fight. She’s what will make you fight back, and survive. You’ll go see the ocean for her, live on for her.

So when you have to make a choice, between what they believe, and what you believe, when the little wood box from the dying man you received from so long ago comes into play… what do you choose?

What would she chose?

Never forget.





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