Twin Wings and Twin Roses

Reyna ran. That was all she could do. Run. She ran fast enough and she was on the Surface, able to lead a normal life. She joined the Garrison, easily rising up to be one of the most skilled members. Until she makes a shocking discovery, turning her ordinary world upside down. [WARNING: MANGA SPOILERS]


5. A Risk To Take

A/N: This is also Otakuloveer's writing on FanFiction.

Reyna Frei, though she wanted to change her last name to match Levi's,they were siblings after all, his only response was 'Just Levi.'

But Reyna had a new respect for Frei. It was granted to her by Levi himself as he claims. Jet black hair up in a bun; Reyna again dismissed herself from the Garrison grounds. It was two days before a Survey Corps expedition, she wasn't going to miss visiting her brother.

But she knew she'll hear from the commander later, and Rico. She was to be training a new recruit, a girl named Mari who they say she'd get along with. 'Mari is just gonna have to wait.' Though she never showed it, visiting her older brother was more special than anything.

Reyna sat back in the carriage, in her Garrison gear as they arrived on the Corps grounds. She helped herself out only to be greeted by a bright smile of a browned haired girl.

"Hello there, you must be Reyna Frei? Of the Garrison?" The girl seemed way too sweet to be part of the Survey Corps.

"Huh? Yeah." Reyna replied blankly, looking passed the girl and ahead at all the new recruits. But the girl, who was rather very short, jumped back in front. She had round brown eyes and a bashful smile. She glanced to the ground as she tucked her side bang back, "The Corporal has mentioned you before.."

At first Reyna wasn't that interested, but at the mention of Levi she glanced down at the girl. "Levi?"

The girl looked up then saluted, "Yes. Heichou Levi. Uh, I'm Petra Ral..his subordinate." Her cheeks tinted but she kept a serious composure. Petra huh? Reyna was about to speak, her dull eyes appearing bored at the scene until..


Petra heard his voice as well and quickly stepped to the side. Levi stood with arms crossed and an uninterested look. But Reyna could tell it was soft. "So you've met Petra huh?" He started, glancing to the girl who was..shorter than him?! Know wonder she was 'his' subordinate.

"Yeah. She's..cute." Reyna smirked.

Levi's eyes glanced up and he quickly added, "There are others. Olou, Gunther, Eren." Levi commanded loudly and soon three guys ran up beside Petra. "Sir?"

Levi looked to Reyna then held out a hand towards his squad members. "I handpicked them all. Including him." Levi referred to Eren. Reyna remembered him from that day..

'But of course it didn't end there, the boy Rico coined as the 'blonde one' was struggling to pull Eren out. Out from the nape, which was not the most pleasant sight, but he was struggling nonetheless.'

The titan shifter. He looked different now, he was young..but at attention. Reyna could even see that he was a bit worn out. "You handpicked them? I guess..for the expedition?"

"I've had them longer, this is just the first time you've seen them." Levi who was now appearing irritated, looked away. Reyna did too, reading that Levi felt this conversation was going nowehere.

"Hey. Corporal! Why not we sit at one of the tables and drink tea? That way we can talk more." Petra stepped towards Levi, her hands out like she was going to touch his shoulders. Levi looked at her, then nodded, "Fine."

This was new, it seemed..Reyna wasn't the only one..who Levi talked softly too. Though unnoticed by the others, they just followed after their leader. "Reyna Frei right? You kind of look like him." Eren said as he walked beside the black haired girl. "You have the same eyes."

"That's because we're siblings." Reyna was blatant, but Levi twitched as if he didn't want them to know.

"Siblings?!" Olou walked up closer to Reyna and placed his arm on her shoulder. "Why look at the resemblance! Though..I know all along because me and the corporal are quite close- ack!" Reyna stared down at Olou as he gripped his chin and blood spewed from his lips.

He had bit his tongue, quite painfully as for his eyes were white and he froze in his place. Eren was the only one who reacted..this must be a normal issue.



At the wooden table, which was seated below a large tree. Levi sat at the head, Petra to his left..Reyna to his right. Gunther was beside Petra and Olou beside Reyna. And Eren, was seated beside Olou.

"Here." Petra said cheerfully, sliding the tray of hot tea on to the table. Levi had an arm back and crossed his legs. He grabbed the cub from the top and took a sip. Reyna, though sitting a bit normal, held her cup the same way. Olou watched them both, then copied Levi's pose and went to grab his cup-

"Olou! Would you stop trying to imitate them!?" Petra snapped and leaned forward. Levi only closed his eyes and continued drinking. Eren was the only one wide-eyed.

"So? Since your his sister, you've come to visit?" Eren asked, looking past Olou and at Reyna who nodded.

"Yeah. I try to see him either after..or before expeditions." She explained.

"Meh, she could visit less..I'm fine on my own.." Levi muttered. Eren only smiled and looked away bashfully, "I know the feeling. Of having a nagging sister."

"What? I'm not nagging..I don't visit that often!" Reyna looked from Levi to Eren as Petra giggled.

"You care about him. I admire that." She laughed. Petra was too sweet for her own good. Reyna put on a deadpan look and sipped her tea.



Days had passed, the Survey Corps was in the middle of their expedition, and Reyna was walking with Rico.

"After Trost we very much so have a chance at recapturing Wall Maria." Rico said, walking at a faster pace. Reyna crossed her arms and looked left, "Yeah. Wouldn't that be amazing. I've met him too, the Eren kid."

"So have I." Rico stopped walking and turned around,

"He's very young" Reyna said.

"My thoughts exactly." Rico added.

"Che. But Levi seems to have him on a tight leash.." Reyna shrugged and stared at the wall. They were to be returning in a few days, Reyna was already planning to visit. She could just imagine the whole crew, sitting at a table and drinking tea.

She even wanted to see that Olou kid again.



Just like everyone else, Reyna was waiting by the wall entrance. She was towards the back but she would still get a chance to see her brother..and his Squad. The gates opened and in came a repeated sight of injured, distressed soldier's. As usual you had your main survivors..Commander Erwin..Squad Leader Hange...Corporal Levi.

But he was walking alone this time, and he kept his head down. His black bangs casted a shadow over his eyes and he looked awfully distraught.

Even worse, his team was nowhere to be found. Not even Eren was beside him! Reyna let them pass with no words, Levi didn't even notice her, instead..he had an old man talking his ear off.

"You see, I'm Petra's father and.."

Petra's father? He looked like a jolly man, but at the mention of Petra Levi's composure crumbled and he darkened.

Was Petra...? No she couldn't be..

Not that cheerful, browned eyed girl who walked comfortable beside Levi. She was too sweet, too little.

Her father mentioned something of marriage but Reyna was already done for. She left the scene and ran back to her own dormitory.

Was she gonna cry for a girl she met once? No. But Levi looked too shaken up, he looked depressed and horrified. She couldn't let him cope alone. But at the same time..she couldn't leave her place in the Garrison Squad.

Reyna paced her dorm, fighting tears because she was a solider. They were his friends, they were her friends..

"Rico. I have to leave."

"Leave?" Rico said in shock, sitting at the lunch table.

"Yes. It's necessary, I'm joining the Survey Corps."

"Impossible, you've already made your choice.." Rico looked annoyed.

Reyna stared at her friend with stern eyes, "I have to fight back. Those titans killed my friends."

"Those titans..will kill you." Rico wasn't having it, she stood up and took her bread. "Stay where it's safe please."

"Where it's safe? No. The Military Police is where it's safe. We're at risk too Squad Leader. And I have to fight. You don't understand-"

"I do. You want to run to your brother. " Rico stared down at Reyna who clenched a fist.

"Rico. I need you to tell the Commander, convince him to let me switch."

"Aren't I your friend?" Rico glared down, clenching her bread tightly. There was tension. Reyna was about to reply before realizing that it was a test. Rico was testing her and Reyna almost failed.

"No." She replied bluntly, "You're my Squad Leader. "

"Exactly. Now do this properly and ask me as a subordinate to transfer you."

Reyna stood up and gave a proper salute. "Squad Leader Rico. I ask that you allow me to transfer to the Survey Corps."


"To be on the frontlines, to fight back in save humanity."

Rico and Reyna held eye contact. But Rico quickly closed her eyes and sighed, "You idiot. Fine. I approve. But if I see your dead body wrapped in a towl..." Rico paused, opening her eyes slowly, "As Squad leader I'll take the blame. So please, don't let me live with a regret."

Reyna frowned and nodded, "I promise regrets."



Reyna stood in her new dorm, she felt new. Her black hair was pinned up, and she had on a new jacket. 'The wings of freedom,' she quite liked the patch on her arm.

It had been a day after she moved in; she was shocked, but relieved, that Eren was alive after all. Though he bore sad news of the passing of others. Specifically, Levi's entire squad.

Though she had a hunch before, it hit her hard again. "Female titan huh..?" Reyna grumbled, making her way down the halls of her new home. "She'll..She'll pay."

When she made it to his office she was surprise to see the door cracked open. Levi was sitting at his desk, reading over a letter. He still looked awful, but at her presence he straightened up and chucked the letter under a stack of papers.

"Reyna..." he greeted plainly. Reyna nodded and leaned against the wall, "Levi."

"Why are" Levi's eyes trailed to the new jacket, and he glared at the patch. Reyna stared back with equal posture, "To fight back."

Levi furrowed his eyebrows and twitched, "No. Go back to the Garrison."

"No? Levi, I've transferred. I'm here to fight with you.."

"Tch. I don't need your help." Levi looked away.

Reyna saluted and stood tall, "Corporal. I can't sit back and watch friends die, if I can help..I am...I will.."

Levi looked back at his sister with eyes that she read clearly, he pushed himself up to his feet "Tch." His faced contorted in pain that quickly went away. He was injured. "Has your brain turned to shit? You're better off with the Garrison."

"Our friends were killed Levi. I will..fight"

Levi made his way towards her. As he passed to leave, he murmured, "Do what you want. Just don't burden me."

Though those words sounded harsh, that look in his eyes told her otherwise...

I can't change your mind...just please...don't die.


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