Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


3. You

I don't know how the idea came, there isn't even anybody I wrote this to/about, it just came.
The Chorus is re-made - the original didn't fit into the song that much, so I've put it into the next song, and this one got a new Ch.
There is swearing in the Chorus!

[Verse 1 & 2]
Sometimes I feel like
I'd run away from here,
And get the feeling that
You shouldn't be so near.

I want to fly away,
Forget all that we had,
'Cause right now it feels like
You're nothing but a threat.

I guess I was blind,
But who could blame me?
Everyone thought
That you were worthy.

So get your revenge
On who trusted you -
Never answered,
Just told a fuckin' view.

[Verse 3 & 4]
I wish you would tell me
Why you turned to be
The one to betray all -
Just turn away and leave.

I was in big need
Of a good friend,
But they all turned to dust,
Just like it was a trend.


So here I am now,
Betrayed and alone,
left with the memories
Of what I feared the most.

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