Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


16. Won't write a love song for you

First song I wrote to a real person!
I even wrote an "Interview" about this - it's at the bottom, after the lyrics!

I trust you,
I love you,
But I won't write a love song for you!

[Verse 1]
You know how much I wrote
Of video games,
Uploader names;
You'd think that they're a bore,
But no secret,
That I'd be left
For her.

So take your trash love,
And throw it out the door,
'Cause I've got somewhere else
I need to go.


[Verse 2]
You know that I crush on
Characters of
Some kind of show;
You'd think that I will stop
Just because you
Are in the picture

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]

Trust me, I love you!
Trust me, I trust you!
But I won't write,
Oh, no, I will NOT write~
Any love songs,
Any love songs for you~,
For you~,
Not for you!

[Chorus - x3]

Radio voice: Tonight on 'Star Box'!: Nagy Márk tells us how he got from the bottom to the top; Mrs. Phangirl tells what inspired her new book, 'Phanworld', and [insert my musician name] gives us an interview of her new song, and maybe we'll even get a little plus. Stay with us!
Host: 'Won't write a love song for you', [my/mus.name]'s newest song! [My/mus.n], what inspired the song?
Me: To be honest, I was thinking about whether everything is alright with my relationship, when the melody of the refrain ("I trust you, I love you, But I won't write a love song for you") got stuck in my head, and suddenly BUMM! it had lyrics too!
H: Interesting. And why don't you write a love song for him, dear?
Me: Unfortunately, even I haven't realized that yet.
H: Hm... And was it he himself who said that you should stop with these "side-crushes"?
Me: No, he doesn't even know that I'm a fangirl in 24 hours out of 24 (sometimes even in my dreams), so this is rather--
H: Rather to someone else?
Me: Wha-? No, no, no.
H: So you have a non-love song to your boyfriend?
Me: Exactly.
H: But I've heard he doesn't even speak English.
Me: That's exactly the point.
H: Really interesting. *looks at his/her watch* Oh, how time flies! I'm sorry, [my/mus.n], but that's all the time we've got today.
Me: *stands up* Yeah right, I have to go.
H: Just one last thing: I heard you're a writer too, and you're working on two big projects at the moment.
Me: Yes, one of my books is 'Lifeline', and the other is 'Apart', I'm working on both with all my energy, and hopefully I'll finish it by the time I get 20.
H: *laughs*
Me: I'm srs.
H: Well, okay, [My/mus.n], bye then!
Me: Bye! I'm happy I could be here!
H: I'm happy you came!
Me: *goes out*

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