Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


18. Who you are

I was writing a love song (no idea which one), and my big sis asked me what I'm doing. When I answered, she asked why I don't write one for her? Of course, she meant it as a joke. So, of course, I took it seriously.
And that's the story of a sister-love song :D
But, of course, I put some parts into it, so more people can relate to it. The types of people I talk about are NOT what my sister's into, like I've said, I wrote it like this so people can relate!
This is not a "normal" song - there is no Verse, Chorus, or Bridge. It's also really short, so yeah.
Also, there is no girl from Tumblr. I don't even have a Tumblr.
Ah, I'm ranting again! Just... enjoy the song! ^^"

I'm not a hot guy at the beach,
You wife, your lover,
Or anything you're into,
But I guess I'm better;

'Cause I've known you for some time,
Not like that shirtless black guy,
And you've known me for longer,
Un-like the girl from Tumblr.

And I've been with you for years and years,
So don't be ashamed we've come to this;
I hate you, I love you, a little of both,
So I'll just leave here a little note:

Thanks for
Being who you are!

I'm not a hot nerd from YouTube,
But I know you just quite good,
So thank you
For being
Who you are~

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