Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


47. (Wash away) The pain of yesterday

So, uhm, the Chorus was written way before, and I finished it on the trip.
Enjoy, I guess!

[Verse 1]
Yesterday I thought I died -
I suffered a long, long ride,
And today I still woke up and ran,
Like there was a way to end
All of this.

Tomorrow will come, I know,
But I don't wanna' waste today,
Because today is the only day I'll feel
After yesterday.

Let tomorrow wash away the pain of yesterday;
As the clock's ticking as today passes by,
But some things never change -
Like how I see your smile, and you see how mine
Is covering up something, but you don't ask,
And I'm happy you don't bring up
All the pain of yesterday.
I wish it was only yesterday.

[Verse 2]
Yesterday I think I died -
I felt my bones breaking tired,
And yet today I woke u and ran,
Like there was a way to end

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]

I know tomorrow will change everything,
So don't lock me out, like I have no yesterday,
Because today is the very last day,
So don' pretend we have no yesterday.

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus - last 2 lines x2]

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