Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


23. Until forever

I saw another person wrote a song called 'Only Until Forever' (check it out, it's here, on Movellas!), and the title pretty much inspired... Sorry ˇˇ"

I'll be here until forever,
And after that,
So find me if you'll remember,
And take away
The pain we've had,
And dye it into
Light violet.

[Verse 1]
Give me a break,
Oh wait, no, hold me!
I can't tell where you wanna' be,
But I know just right how to feel
About the way you look at me!

I can hardly breath,
Please don't tell me
What you think I should do.
I know what I want to have,
And on this list, there's only you!

[Verse 2]
You make me crazy,
Oh wait, no, love me!
I can tell what I wanna' see,
And I know that you'll get what I mean,
So why not let me be crazy?

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]

I know that you'll find me once~,
I know that you'll look for me~,
And I know that no matter what~,
You won't leave as long as that door's shut!
(Or neither when it's open!)

[Chorus, Pre-Chorus, Chorus]

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