Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


11. Scream

Same shet as before - in the kitchen, then all of a sudden BUMM! song idea!
Actually proud of this one (especiall after the last one. Ugh *cringe*)!
Verse 2, 3rd line - I have no idea why or how.
So, uh, enjoy, I guess!

[Verse 1 & 2]
Can you hide what's happened?
Can your life be threatened?
Can you even feel the pain of freedom?
Suffer under too much control?

Can you wait the engine?
Can you see what I'm in?
Can you even feel the love inside?
Are you losing your mind?

Just scream!
As loud as your lungs can bare!
Let it echo in the air!
Give it the freedom deserved!

Let your eyes get clearer,
Drop the believer,
And feel that there is something more within
Than outside the world!

[Verse 3 & 4]
Would you hide what I've done?
Would yours be just one
Out of a thousand others, nothing more?
Almost losing control?

Would you defend me?
Would you shatter me?
Would you even care, just the littlest bit
Since you have lost control?


Oh, drop the fear,
The war we're in,
Just be somebody that you wanna' be,
Someone no-one else loves!

Just be a little meaner,
Be an asshole critique-er,
And feel the freedom that you've never felt:
Loosing yourself!


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