Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


4. Reset

I really don't know where this came from either. Like, hell, I'm not even suicidal!
Anyways, this is the song that has the original Chorus of the previous song.

[Verse 1 & 2]
Let me give up,
So I can go on.
Have you ever tried to walk this road
Like it's your own?

Let me go on,
So I can give up.
You should try to go outside and fly
Until you hit the dawn.

I swear I'll wait,
But how long will it take
Until I'll say the last,
And give the final sign out?
...I think I'd need a reset now.

So give my soul a rest,
My body a reset,
let my spirit fly
Until I call it back.

'Cause I need to split now
Into small pieces,
Get buried deep,
So I can rise like a phoenix.

[Verse 3 & 4]
Give me some time,
So I can rise,
'Cause it's all said, no need of any more of
Pointless words.

Give me the rise,
So I'll have time,
And it'll make me feel like I am
A whole again.

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus - Chorus x2]

Let me fall,
So I can rise up.
I need some time alone, and maybe one big sleep.
...And maybe it'll fill half of the gap.

Let me rise up,
So I can fall.
I know you don't understand it, even if you really think you do.
...So let me say goodbye.


[End-Line / Outro]
And when I've rised,
Don't say it took long,
'Cause when I fell,
I knew it would, all along.

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