Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


7. Numb

Technically "call" refers to a call from reality.
Also, there is swearing in the Bridge!
Having said that, (burn in heeeeeell :D) enjoy the song!

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I just wish if I could be numb,
And maybe only a little bit less dumb,
Because what I feel could be poison to you all,
But I have to take it, since I don't want a call...

What if I told you
That you're not alone?
That I found your home?
Would you believe a single word?
(A single word?)

I don't know where to go,
There's nothing that I know,
My heart would pound fast,
But it's beating the last,
'Cause this poison comes from inside, and I can't
Ignore, take, fake, or deal with it yet!

[Verse 2]
All of the times that it stabs me inside,
It feels like I will never-ever see the light.
And every time my mind gets that single tone,
I know there is no escape, cannot ignore.

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]

Every single fuckin' time when I close my eyes,
I see my entire life shatter inside!
Once I was happy, well, that sure is done!
Maybe one will see what it really cost!

[Chorus - x2]

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