Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


5. Leaving

Honestly, if I told you what I wrote the song about, you would laugh at me.
So I won't.
Guess it's a kind of a talent I have that I can write stuff down in a way you wouldn't guess what I actually wrote about.
Anyways, sometimes I just randomly quote this song (just in thought, or outloud), and then realize that it's my own song... Yeah, I'm pretty weird.

[Verse 1 & 2]
The time has come,
But I don't want to leave.
I'm afraid of what
It's like to not be here.

If I give You up,
I know I'll be alone,
Since You were the one
To guide me all along.

So, please, if you hear me,
Carry me away
To a place where I can cry,
And do not have to blame.

And I'm sick of these reasons,
They eat us up inside,
But I can't say nothing,
'Cause it's not worthy to try.

[Verse 3 & 4]
It's time to go,
But I'll never go on.
All of these feelings
Are way too much to hold.

My thoughts are so dark, and
My heart is so heavy;
For how long can I keep up
This cold and numb being?


Time to time, it breaks,
And everything comes up.
I can already feel it
Shattering my heart.

I need a good reason
And motive to survive,
But the more that I care,
The less I seem to try.

[Chorus - x2]

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