Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


38. For ya, betch

I know, best title ever -_-"
Uh, basically a song to my other BFF.

We've been...
Friends for more than I've been with her,
Still, I have seven songs to her, and not one for you...
I have you to explain to...

What's there?...
More talent, more love, more hate, more what?
Guess she's a mistery, and you are a book of Life...
One you solve, other you live...

But you deserve this...

You live harder
Than I will ever,
Still, you think brighter
Than I will ever!
And your candle shines
More than I would,
And you keep your head up,
When I never could!

So let's be real,
You're the sun, you're the light,
And with you by my side,
I'd never see the night!
But people need a dark moon too,
And you can't see what's there, so
They don't think of the sun...
The way they do of the moon...
But the sun deserves it too...
Yeah, the sun deserves it too~...

Shining candle,
You're my sparkle!
I'm up in space,
To see your face!
And you're with me,
You'll always be!
I could have drowned,
But you keep me bright!


I've got seven songs for a mistery,
Now I've got one for the sunlight...
I'll never stop to care for them both,
Until the time decides to stop...

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