Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


36. Dream a little dream

Uh, no idea?
Okay, I was feeling down a lot, and that shows in these kinds of songs.

So dream a little dream,
And your dream might come true;
So dream your little dream,
And let life continue;

'Cause the flame
Caught on tape
I the one
Final take;

So dream our little dream.
And let a new life

[Verse 1]
Dancing in the night,
Watching the time fly,
But not miss the place
Where I once was awake.


[Verse 2]
Singing in the dark,
Finding amusing the bark,
But not once miss the place
Where I once was a waste.


So dream,
'Cause is you drem,
It might stay just a dream,
But in dreams
You've got a jinx,
So let life
Be a dream.

[Chorus - first part with weak voice, rest with strong, then repeat the whole thing with strong voice, last three lines x3]

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