Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


9. Art

So, I just stand in the kitchen, mom's talking to me, and all of a sudden, the first few lines get into my brain. By the time I get to write it down, I only have the second half. That's where the beginning's from.
The ending is filled with metaphors...
Swearing in Verse 2!

[Verse 1]
I wish I could re-tell the story
That I've written;
And I wish I could jump off the cliff called my heart.
But I've got too much, can't sacrifice it all.
Because these things are what we can call "art".

[Chorus 1]
Why is it called 'art'?
It's just me sitting, and writing down some words.
It really takes a fall
To be unable to do this, 'cause that means you've ditched this world.

[Verse 2]
I wish I could tell 'bout those lies,
But my mind keeps telling me: "There's no way now."
And I wish I'd be so brave
To tell what I've seen, but I'm fuckin' chained.
So why shouldn't I suffer what I deserve?

[Chorus 2]
Why is it called 'fall'?
It's just a deep breath, a dream, or a brave jump.
It really takes a call
From reality, and it should wake you up.

All of the times I've tried to leave,
There was always someone reaching for me,
And all of the times I've tried to wake,
Someone always kept calling my name.

[Instrumental solo]

[Chorus 3]
Why is it called 'call'?
It's rather a shout, a risk, or the sunlight.
It really takes some art
To be able to pick up and not lose your flight.

[Short Instrumental solo]

[Verse 4 / Outro]
I know that I'm the cause.
And I'm sure that you know just enough.
I know that I'm the loss.
And I'm sure that you've heard just about enough~.

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