Original Songs (Yes, by me)

Ummm... The title's talking for itself.


10. 3 reasons

How do I explain this?
It was a bad idea, then it slipped apart, and then I saved it into my notes and never even tried to correct it.
So, this has no purpose, nor real meaning / concept, and it doesn't even really rhyme.
Why I put it here then? No idea. I can't just leave it out, really.
In the 4th Verse, I was like "screw it!", and literally went psycho. And then srs in the Bridge. Like, wtf???
Welp. Enjoy (or rather suffer)!
Also, there's swearing. Right at the beginning. In the Chorus. And in Verse 4. AND Bridge. It got so bad that I just cursed through it xD

Let me tell you 3 reasons
Why this life sucks!
Won't be a long list,
But it will
Fuck us all up!

[Verse 1 & 2]
I can hear that they are having fun,
But I'm stuck down here in the basement,
I can hear her screams - Are you kidding me?
I've tried, but no tv or radio to get the sound blocked!

I need to get out, but there's not window,
No signal, or at least wifi,
I would get some corn popped, but no microwave,
So I'll just stay with chocolate from these pants' pockets.


[Verse 3 & 4]
Tripped on the stairs in school, fell on my face,
Broken skull, school doctor, a lost game;
Won't go, but still force me into the chair,
I'll kill 'em with this black chain!

Bloody hair, bloody chin, bloody everything,
Witnesses, but no-one will say anything,
'Cause if they do, they might get a nice face-cut,
So get on your ass and shut the fuck up!


Choices I can't make,
Things that I've fucked up,
Future I don't have,
Why is this so hard???


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