In another world

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  • Published: 24 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jun 2016
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ODINSBARN-konkurrence; mulighed 1.
One day, a girl wakes up in another world. she can't remember anything about herself, except the fact that she is a human. unfortunately for her, the people in this world doesn't like humans. they despise them. Will she survive and understand what is happening in the worlds?


7. 7.

“ There are two worlds. One where humans live, and one where we live. We don’t really call our self a name except we. As you already have seen, we are blue, and our markings symbolizes which village we come from. That’s why there are different markings. Of course, all the markings are man-made, and the reason why I don’t own any markings is because I travel from place to place”. Liz had to use a few seconds to comprehend the new knowledge that she had just gained, before making Charles continue.

Charles made sure that Liz had understood what he had just said, before continuing.” There is a way to travel between the worlds, and that’s how humans have abducted our people to their world. Only a few on this side now how to travel between them, and I am one of those few”.

Liz just looked at him. Did he really travel between the worlds? That was pretty unbelievable, but she still believed him.” Was that what the mayor meant by voyage?”. Liz was really curious about his travels.” It isn’t exactly a voyage. That is just a cover so that I won’t get arrested”. Charles said it in a relaxed way, as if it was the most natural thing to say.” Does that mean you are a criminal?”. Liz didn’t really care if he was a criminal or not, but she still wanted to know.

Charles looked at her, to determine whether or not he should tell her. He then made his mind and answered her.” I help people who have been abducted, come back to this world. I guess you could call it smuggling”. Liz was very surprised. That she didn’t consider as a possibility. But there was still something that she didn’t understand.” Why do you say that you will get arrested for that?”. Charles answered after a few seconds had gone by.” There is a law that says we aren’t allowed to take back people who have been abducted into the other world. The government is afraid that a war will break out between the worlds if the humans get angry with us, and then we won’t stand a chance”. Liz finally understood a little of what was happening in the world. A war could break out if men like Charles were caught, and humans were killed if they came to this world. She finally understood just how much the two worlds hated each other. 

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