In another world

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  • Published: 24 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jun 2016
  • Status: Complete
ODINSBARN-konkurrence; mulighed 1.
One day, a girl wakes up in another world. she can't remember anything about herself, except the fact that she is a human. unfortunately for her, the people in this world doesn't like humans. they despise them. Will she survive and understand what is happening in the worlds?


6. 6.

“I know it looks like something a kid made, and even though I did make it as a kid, please don’t expect the roof to fall in, because it won’t”. Charles said it in a caring way, so Liz could understand that he actually liked his house. Or at least was proud of it, which was understandable since he builded it as a kid. It was built of stone except the roof which was made of planks. It was in two levels, with a few windows, but only one on the highest floor. The door also looked like it was about to fall off, but Liz didn’t let her bother with that. If she was going to live there, then she needed to appreciate what she got, and it was clearly much better than choosing death.

 Inside was surprisingly cozy. It was small, but there was a nice feeling about it. Liz looked around, but then suddenly heard a weird sound. At first she looked around, but then realized that the sound came from her stomach. She didn’t know when she last had eaten food, and she was fairly hungry. Charles came from behind with his arms wrapped around some firewood that he had chopped behind the house. Even though the wood was very heavy, he made it look like it wasn’t. he was wearing a sleeveless shirt, so his muscles on his arms were visible. Liz couldn’t stop thinking that he may had been a fighter, because of the scars on them. You didn’t get those by cutting firewood.

“ Hungry are we? Don’t worry, I’ll cook some food right up”. Charles went past Liz and into the house. Then he placed the wood, and began preparing some food. After some time, a delicious smell spread across the house. Liz couldn’t wait for the food to finish, and stared at it, from start to end. When the food was done, Charles putted it on the table and sat down. Liz followed his example, and soon they had both their mouths full of food.

“ You said that you would explain my questions when we came inside, so… are you going to answer now?”. Liz had been eager to hear what he was going to say for a long time, but it was first now, where they were done eating, that she asked. He then began speaking of what he did as a job, and how it all hang together.

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