In another world

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  • Published: 24 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jun 2016
  • Status: Complete
ODINSBARN-konkurrence; mulighed 1.
One day, a girl wakes up in another world. she can't remember anything about herself, except the fact that she is a human. unfortunately for her, the people in this world doesn't like humans. they despise them. Will she survive and understand what is happening in the worlds?


5. 5.

The man and the girl had walked for some time. The girl was very tired in her legs, and her pace was getting slow. The man had to stop and wait for her a few times already. When she finally caught up to him, he had a curios look on his face.” Can you really not remember anything, or were you just lying to the people on the harbor?”. He asked it very straightforward she thought.
”I really do not remember anything”. She paused, and then added “not even my own name or age”.
She started walking again, and the man was quickly up besides of her. “Well, I would say that you are a noble by the way you talk, and about seventeen years old, some three years younger than me. But it is a problem that you don’t remember your name. What do you want to be called?”. The girl was taken aback by his question. She hadn’t really thought about that. She hadn’t really thought about anything he said.” I do not really care. You can just choose one for me” she simply answered.

The man thought hard about it for a long time, but finally answered. “Then I’m going to call you Liz. It’s short, easy to pronounce, and has a nice ring to it”. The girl tasted the name on her tongue. Liz. She liked it. From now on she was Liz. She stopped in her tracks. The name made her almost remember something, but not quite. What was it? She felt like she could remember it if she just tried hard enough, but it didn’t come to her.

“What are you standing still for, Liz?”. Liz was interrupted in her thoughts by the sound of the man’s voice. She remembered something she wanted to ask him about, and ran up beside him.
“Is your name Charles? The old man addressed you like that, and what did he mean by voyage? Are you a traveler?”.

The man looked surprised at her. He probably didn’t expect her to ask so soon. “If it would be okay with you, then I’d like to wait with the answers till we get inside. Well, at least I can answer one of the questions now, but the others take some explanation. The name’s Charles. That much I can already say”. He spoke calmly and chose his words well, that much Liz could hear. But she was happy that she got to know his name. knowing his name made her strangely warm around the heart, and a small smile spread across her face. Charles had noticed her smile, and asked what the matter was. She simply said “nothing” and ran ahead of him. Seeing Liz being happy despite coming to a new world, and not knowing anything, made Charles a little happy himself. He then also began running to catch up to her, and soon they were racing the rest of the way to the house.

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