I Want To Be Better


1. Ordinary

I was always scared of a high school relationship, simply because I knew it wouldn't work. There were just too many things against you to keep you from succeeding later on. Like college, or money. I never wanted to put myself in the position to get hurt. I knew a love like that would do more harm then good for me. Yet when I met him, I threw it all out the door. I didn't care about the future, I wanted to live and breathe in that moment with him. So what about him was so special that a level headed person lost their mind? Absolutely nothing. He didn't live life recklessly or safely, he lived it in balance. He wasn't this super model guy or some brainiac. He was plainly an ordinary teenage boy. Or so I thought...

"Quinn!" I looked over my shoulder to see my best friend, Blake, walking toward me. "You're meeting up with everyone after class today right?" She said when she caught up to me.

"Meet up where?" I moved to let other students pass us.

"At the little ice cream parlor behind the park. Everyone's going there to hang out for a couple hours. And you should definitely come!" She glared at me, since the last few meet ups I've bailed on.

"Fine I'll come. But you owe me ice-cream" I said while laughing.

She smiled, "yeah, yeah, whatever!" The bell rings and she sighs knowing she'll be sure to get detention tomorrow. I smile as I watch her walk off then head to my car. I avoid as many teachers as possible since I should be in 6th period right now but it's French and I don't feel like participating. I choose to just sit in my car and play music until class gets out. I consider taking a hit but decide against it since I don't want my clothes smelling bad when I meet up with everyone. An hour later and I can hear the bell ring and a few moment later students come pouring out. I wait for Blake since I'm giving her a ride to the Ice cream parlor. She hops in and glares me, "Stop skipping class" she says.

"I'll stop skipping class, when you stop drinking."

I laugh with her.

"Touché" She says as she pulls out her phone to play some music. We get to the ice scream parlor and hop out. Everyone one else is waiting for us outside at a table. We sit down and the guys are already talking about some movies they're planing on seeing.

"What movie?" I ask. But it goes unnoticed and I look down.

"Oh just Star Wars." I don't recognize the voice but I'm thankful for it. I look up and see him and something in me clicks and I know.

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