Unbelieveably Heaven *DeanWinchester*

Athena is the Ghostfacers intern who also just so happens to be Gods first kid?


2. Kidnapped

Athena's P.O.V

It's been a week living in the bunker with Sam and Dean.  Honestly it's a little weird.  I don't have my own

bedroom yet and I am the only girl that lives here.  Since I'm part angel I don't sleep nor do I eat so you can kinda picture the mornings here.

" Hey Athena we found a case and were wondering if you wanted to come with? "  Sam said bringing me out of my trance.

" No duh, what type of question is that?  I have been wanting to come on a case with you guys since the clown one! "

I sort of shouted while jumping up and down happily.

Sam came running down the door and pinned me up against the wall.

" Don't bring up clowns. "  Sam said very sternly.  

Despite me having very much power I'm not allowed to use it well I'm choosing not to use it to somewhat blend in 

with humanity.

Sam let go of me but didn't move.  We were in this really weird position considering our friendship.  He had us

in an almost kissing position.  He finally backed up and walked away smiling.  


" We leave in 5 minutes so I would get anything you need. "  Dean yelled from his room.

I didn't really have anything but I did have my amulet to bring I just have to get it from the bathroom.  What?  I

still need to take a shower every now and then.  I have to maintain my vessel.

I arrived at the bathroom only to find.. no amulet.  Shit.

" Has anyone seen a turquoise amulet in the bathroom? "  I shouted filling up the empty rooms in the bunker.

" Nope I haven't been in the bathroom since last night. "  Dean yelled from his room.

" Do you mean this? "  Sam said walking by dangling my necklace.

I ran over and started to jump and reach for the amulet in Sam's hands, it doesn't really help the fact he is like

6'4 and I am 5'2.

" This is so funny.  It's like watching a bunny trying to climb a tree. "  Sam said laughing.

" Samuel Winchester I will literally call all of the clowns down on your ass if you don't give me that amulet. "  I was getting a little nervous now and I really want my fucking amulet.

" Only if you promise to... go on a date with me.. "  

" Umm.. Fine but after the case.  Now give me the amulet. "  I went to grab it and he pulled his hand back.

" Promise? "

" Promise. "

Sam handed me the amulet and we both walked to the door to find an impatient Dean standing there staring at

us.  Dean didn't say anything all he did was stare for about 15 seconds, turned around, open the door to the bunker, and walked towards the impala.  I looked at Sam with a confused face which he gladly returned himself.  

We all were in the car driving to Seattle, Washington.  The case was actually pretty weird from the what we 

have heard about it.  Two men were found behind the stadium after a Mariner's game.  Their bodies were ripped in two and so far that's really all it said publicly so we are going to have to do what they usually do and dress up as FBI agents.

" So Athena what's up with the amulet? "  Sam said breaking the dead silence in the car.  Yes, silent.  Dean didn't turn his music on for some reason.

" Nothing to be concerned about that's all. "  I answered almost sarcastically.

" Come on you must have some reason for it considering how you reacted when you couldn't find it this morning. "  Sam said turning around to face me.

" No important reason, it's just a really pretty necklace that I really love thank you very much. "  Truth is this necklace was actually very important and if it got into the wrong hands the whole universe would be screwed.

" Alright then. "  Sam turned around and focused on the road.

It was now around midnight and Dean was dozing off every now and then.  I have offered to drive for him but

he would only refuse and Sam was already fast asleep.  Dean finally pulled off to a motel in Idaho.

" Sam wake up! "  Dean said practically pulling Sam out of the car.  A grumpy Sam rose from his sleep and grumpily

got out of the car and shuffled to the motel room.

" Um Athena are you going to get your own motel room? "  Sam asked.

" Oh yea I will see you guys in the morning. "  We all said our goodbyes and goodnight's and I walked over to the main office.  

" Hi mam sorry to be a bother but I forgot to buy my own room. "  I said sweetly to the old lady.

" Oh sorry Athena you won't be needing one. "  Right as she said that black flooded across her eyes.

I flew her back into the wall but obviously she had backup which came up from behind me and blindfolded me.

I heard feet moving around and that was the last noise I heard.


Dean's P.O.V

" Sammy wake up Athena is missing! "  I yelled attempting to wake my brother up.  I don't know how she could have gotten kidnapped.

" What do you mean she probably the most powerful thing alive other than God. "  Sam said bringing a pillow over his head.

" I'm serious Sam I broke into the main office and didn't find the manager there but I did find sulfur. "  Honestly I'm a little worried.  I know Athena can take care of herself but maybe someone wants her. Like Crowley.

" Well let's go maybe someone saw the license plate or something. "  Sam said while getting up and getting dressed.

" Alright. "  

*Dean's Ringtone goes off* 

I reached to pick it up only to see it was Crowley.  Well I take it he really does have her.

" What do you want Crowley. "  I practically yelled into the phone.

" Easy down boy, I just wanted to let you know we have one of your pets here just so you didn't go finding her or anything.  She is very important to me and well Hell in general. "  Crowley responded.

" Why is she so important to you anyways she is just Athena. "  I didn't entirely know if he knew that was God's first kid so I played it safe.

" Boys you already know, she is God's first kid which means she must have some contact with him and she also has part of God running through her so we can't entirely kill her but we can torture her until she tells us everything we need to know. "  Crowley ended with that.

" What did he say? "  Sam asked looking concerned.

" He said that she must have some type of contact with God so he is going to torture her. "  

" Torture her!? " 

" Well she can't be killed, so yes Sam he is going to torture her.  Now come on we have to go find her. "  I picked up my jacket and walked out the door.


Athena's P.O.V

I woke up to dim lighted room.  I looked over to my side to see tools on a table.  Well shit I must be in Hell or 

these humans are getting very weird and need to go to a mental hospital.

" Aw my love! Your awake. "  Said no other then the King of Hell himself, Crowley.

" My brother did not leave his 'beautiful' creation in the hands of a short british man. "  I spat out.

" Well not entirely but me being the King of Hell and your brother locked in a cage, I am able to do anything I want specially with the help of my demons. "  Crowley said while walking over to the table that contained tools to torture of all sorts.

" Now I'm going to give you one free one.  How do you communicate with God? "  Crowley questioned.  Of course I wasn't going to tell him how stupid does he think I am?

" I use a payphone on main street. "

" Clever.  Yet I'm some stupid puppy who falls for anything. "  He picked up an angel blade and walked closer to me.  He set the blade behind my ear.

" Why don't we see if this will get you to chat. "  The blade came in contact with my skin.  I could feel blooding running down the side of my neck.

" Go ahead Crowley the angel blade may hurt along with everything else you have, but you know for a fact I can't and won't be killed specially with me being the only one who knows how to communicate with my father. "  Crowley looked at me quite pissed off.  

" Fuck! "  He plunged the blade into my stomach.  He turned to his demon slave.

" Torture her so much that all that is left is her grace. "  He then walked off and the demon came by me.

" Have all the fun you want sir. "  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.


Sam's P.O.V

Honestly I don't think we're going to find Athena today considering how valuable she is to Crowley.  He would

definitely keep her somewhere where no one could find her.  Especially Dean and I.

" Dean maybe we should head back to the motel. "  I sighed.

" Are you crazy?!  Athena is being tortured and you just want to head back to the motel? "  Dean yelled.

" Dean, Athena is God's first kid.  Crowley is very precious to her right now and he is definitely going to keep her well hidden.  It's 2 in the morning.  When we wake up we will call Cas and he can try and help us locate her. "  I saw the hesitation in Dean but he nodded and started to drive off to the motel.  

Once we got to the motel we noticed the manager was back and decided to go talk to her.  Just in case you


" Hi mam we were wondering if you happened to remember giving our friend, Athena a room here. "  The lady looked at us horrified.

" Please I didn't do anything wrong!  Please don't take over me either! "  Dean and I both looked at each other.

" Lady do you remember anything from last night maybe the place... these people took her to? "  Dean questioned her.

" I remember very faintly but I remember seeing the street name.  I think it was Elm Street.  I can't properly remember, I only saw glimpses of things. "  The old lady answered.

" Well thanks for your help mam. "  Dean walked off before I could even catch up.

" She thinks she knows that it was Elm Street, THINKS! " 

" Dean lay her some slack she got possessed by a demon and now were asking her where she took our friend that she practically kidnapped in her point of view. "  

" Do you even care if we find Athena I mean you two seem to be getting along very well, wouldn't want to mess that up would we now? "  Dean yelled stopping in his tracks.

" What are you talking about Dean?  Athena and I are just friends. "  

" For now, I saw you two almost kiss.  I saw you two gaze into each other's eyes. "  Dean exclaimed.

" Dean if we were something why would you even care? "  

" Because Sam since the moment we met her I have liked her, hell I probably love her!  But nope the young brother always gets the girls doesn't he?  Always get's to live a happy life? "  Dean stormed off towards the impala, got in, and drove away.  Probably to a bar or a strip club.


Athena's P.O.V

" Well Athena it's been *checks watch* about 8 hours of torturing would you like to tell me how you communicate with God now? "  Crowley said while blood was pouring out of each of my limbs.

" No way would I ever tell you. " 

" Fine.  Billy! "  Crowley called his torture slave.

" It's Quincy. "

" What?!  Oh whatever it's Billy now.  Anyways split her in half. "

" What! Don't do that! "  I screamed.  I won't kill me it will just take me away from this vessel for a while.

" Fine I will tell you. "



Ok I'm going to end it here considering I'm tired af and it's 1 in the morning I think.  I will probably update on

July 4th because I might actually do something with my life in the few days I have.  Anyways I hoped you all liked this chapter I personally am confused by this whole book so far ((:

~ Sammy R.


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