New Beginnings // lrh

In which an American teenager moves to Australia and finds herself falling for a boy, but soon learns that he's leaving and they can't be together.


3. Three


The next few days flew by way too fast. My mom and I had spent at least 9 hours each day unpacking and organizing.

Today was Monday, the day I had been dreading all weekend.

I got up an extra 2 hours early to pick the perfect outfit, which ended up taking half an hour, as I had expected. I spent the next hour and a half showering, doing my makeup and hair, and getting dressed.

I throw a simple white crop top on with a thick grey knit cardigan. I then slide on a pair of jeans, followed by my white converse.

After that, I do my normal makeup routine and curl my long brown hair. I grab my stuff and run downstairs shortly after.

"Good morning!" My mom chirps and kisses my forehead.

"I made you French toast!" She says while sliding a plate across the counter to me. I giggle at her enthusiasm.

"Thank you, mom. But why are you so happy?" I bite into my sweet breakfast. She's right, French toast is my favorite.

"Just a good day to be alive!" She sings, making me choke on my food from laughing so hard.

"Are you ready?" She asks after washing my plate and putting it in the dishwasher.

"Yes." I smile nervously while grabbing my bag.

We lock the door and head down to the garage, getting in the car and pulling out the driveway.

"You would usually walk with the neighbor, but today I'm dropping you off and picking you up because of the special occasion."

I nod, "Yeah, I kind of figured you would."

Less than a minute later we arrive in a parking lot of a big building.

"Mom," I say shakily. "I'm... Scared."

"I know, Babe. But it'll be okay," she smiles and brings her hand up to my face, rubbing my temple.

"Now, come on. Let's go in before everyone gets here," she hops out of the car and I follow her inside, looking around at the environment.

We walk into the empty office full of ringing telephones and ticking clocks. It was somewhat peaceful.

"Hi, dear, how can I help you?" A beautiful and young blonde lady asks with an Australian accent.

"Hi, I'm a new student here and I came by to pick up my schedule," I fiddle with my fingers as she nods.

"And what would your name be?"

"Tessa Newman,"

The lady quickly types on her computer, followed by shuffling through the stack of papers on her desk.

"Ah. Here you are," she hands me a thick piece of paper and smiles.

"Thank you," I smile back and walk back over to my mom.

"Alright, you're all set. Have a great day, Babe. Be good. I love you," she kisses my forehead before smiling and walking back outside to her car.

"Have a great first day, dear!" The office lady waves as I walk out the hall, and I return the kind gesture.

After a while of walking, I find my locker and put my things in, grabbing my books for my first class.

It was now 7:50, and we only had 10 minutes to get to class, so everyone was running around the halls like maniacs.

I chew my lip as I start down the hall towards my homeroom, which was luckily close enough to my locker for me to make it out alive.

I walk into a mostly full room, and everyone stopped and stared as I entered.

I tell the teacher I'm new and stuff before scanning the room for an empty seat. I find one only in the back next to a scrawny blonde boy.

As I walk back, people stare and whisper.

"Can I sit here?" I point my finger to the empty seat next to the boy.

"Um... Yeah. Of course," he smiles and slides his bag over. He has a cute Aussie accent.

"Thanks," I smile and set my stuff down, gathering my books and what not.

"Hi, I'm Luke," the boy says, sticking his hand out when I was done.

"I'm Tessa," I smile, slowly moving our hands up and down.

"So, you new?" He asks after a moment of silence.

"Uh.. Yeah, actually. I'm from California," I watch as his aquamarine eyes light up.

"I've always wanted to go there! What's it like?" He gasps.

I giggle, "It's... Amazing. But I guess it depends on what part you're in."

He nods and we continue chatting until the bell rings.

"Good morning, class. Today, we welcome a new student."

Nobody hesitates to look right back at me.

"Tessa, please. Come up and tell us a little about yourself," she puts her arm out to her side and slightly bows as a welcoming.

I smile nervously while sliding out my chair and walking up to the front of the class.

"Um... Hi, I'm Tessa Newman and I just moved here with my mom on Friday. We're from Los Angeles."

Almost exactly like Luke's expression, their eyes light up. Must not be a lot of Americans at this school...

After answering a few questions, the teacher takes over and awkwardly walk back to my seat.

"Give me your phone," Luke demanded, sticking out his hand.

I slightly giggle while trading phones. I assumed it was to exchange numbers, so I went to contacts and put myself in simply as 'Tessa'.

We both got our phones back as the teacher began her boring lecture.


A couple hours later, it was lunchtime, and I had no clue where to sit.

When I had my tray, I stupidly stood at the front of the cafeteria, searching for a place to sit.

"Hey," I jump and almost spill my stuff as the familiar tall blonde pops up out of no where.

I lay my hand on my heart and giggle, "Luke! You scared me!"

"Sorry," he chuckles. "But, I saw you looking for somewhere to sit... And if you want, you can sit with my friends and I?"

I smile and nod, "Thanks, Luke. I'd love to."

He blushes before leading me to a table in the back.

"Luke, who's this?" A pale boy with fringe blonde hair coos.

I blush and take a seat next to Luke. "Guys this is Tessa, she's new here." He gives the boy a glare.

"Hi, I'm Calum," another boy with black hair and chocolate brown eyes sticks his hand out for me to shake, and I gladly accept.

"I'm Michael," we do the same shaking of hands and begin eating.

"So where are you from?" Calum asks while picking at his food.

"I was born and raised in Southern California."

"That's cool," Calum smiles and begins eating his burger.

The boys give me some info on the teachers and take my schedule to see what classes we have together.

"Fourth and seventh," Calum says, handing the paper to Michael.

He scans it for a second before nodding, "Sixth."

Michael passes it to Luke, who scans it also before looking up and handing it back to me.

"First, third, and eighth."

After chatting about random stuff, the bell rings and we all head back to class.


"Hey, Tessa!" I turn on my heels only for my jade eyes to meet icy blue ones. Luke.

"What's up?" He asks, walking out of the school with me.

"Um... Waiting for my mom to pick me up. Why?"

"Well... Um, how was the rest of your day?" He smiles as we walk down the sidewalk and reach the parking lot.

"It was great! Thanks for asking," I smile and slightly blush.

"I was also wondering if-"

"Tessa! How was your day?" My mom does her usual forehead kiss and runs her fingers through my hair.

"Great, but my friend and I were actually just talking."

"Oh, so I see you've met Luke," she smiles and shakes his hand.

"Uh... Yeah. But how-"

"Tess, this is our new neighbor."


Lots of updates coming very soon, but please tell me if this story is actually good enough to keep writing.

Bye friends:)

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