New Beginnings // lrh

In which an American teenager moves to Australia and finds herself falling for a boy, but soon learns that he's leaving and they can't be together.


7. Seven



"Good morning, Cupcake," Luke smiles while pulling me into a warming hug. I grin without showing my teeth,


As we walk down the mostly empty sidewalk, we chat about the band and throw rocks at occasional stop signs.

"So what're you doing tonight?"

I look over at Luke and watch as he looks both ways before dragging me across the street.

"No plans. Why?"

After stepping back onto the sidewalk, he looks at me and bites his lip.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go out. On... An actual date." He slightly chuckles on the last part.

"I'd love to," I smile, leaning in and giving him a side hug.

"Ice cream at 5:00?" Luke looks down on me, waiting for my response. I smile,

"Sounds perfect."


"Hey, Babe. How was school?"

I shove my keys into my backpack and lay it by the coat hanger, walking over to the fridge and grabbing a water.

"Great," I smile, leaning on the counter and kissing my mom's cheek.

She goes through some bills in a robe and slippers while munching on an apple.

I fix myself a plate of chicken and asparagus from last nights meal and take a seat at the island next to her.

"I'm going out for ice cream with Luke in," I check my watch, "an hour and a half."

She sets the papers down and looks at me with a gushy smile. I giggle and roll my eyes.

"He's a good kid, though. Have fun."

I nod before grabbing my stuff and running to my room.

After a quick shower, I change into a white tank top (A/N: lol my phone auto corrected that to Plankton) and flannel, along with denim shorts.

I slide on my black high top vans and quickly side braid my hair.

When I finish my makeup I shove my phone and wallet into a random purse and head back downstairs.

I say goodbye to my mom as I reach for the door.

"You look beautiful," Luke smiles, hugging me and pecking my cheek. I blush,

"Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself."

I notice the familiar object in his hands and smile. "We're long boarding?!"

Luke chuckles and nods, taking my hand and escorting me down the stairs and driveway.

Once we have the board on the sidewalk, he holds both my hands and helps lift me on.

I smile as we start moving. "I'm letting go," Luke warns. I nod to myself, "Okay."

Luke keeps his promise and let's go but still keeps up his pace and stays with me.

I balance myself speed up a little. When we get close to the beach, I hop off and walk back to Luke.

"I need to get a long board," I smile, handing him his. He declines it, leaving me confused.

"Keep it."

My eyes widen dramatically. "No way, it's yours. I'll just ask my mom for one," I shake my head, forcing the board into his hands.

"Okay... Well what flavor do you like?"

I look around to see a beach full of people and a decently long line for the ice cream shop ahead of us.

"Um, bubble gum. My second choice would be mint chocolate chip," Luke nods and mentally takes notes.

"How about you?" I ask as we step in line.

"Cookies and cream, hands down," he chuckles.

"Second choice?"

"Hm... Chocolate," he nods, moving with the line.

After a couple of minutes, we get our cones and sit at one of the tables outside.

"Oh! Here's the money I owe you," I take out a 20 and hand it to him. He shakes his head, "Keep it. I feel like a jerk making you pay me back."

"No, no, take it. I owe you from Starbucks," I remind him. He shakes his head again.

"It's fine."

I sigh after realizing he truly wasn't going to take it. We lick our cones in silence.

"What's your family usually do for Christmas?" I ask as I start on my cone.

"Our whole family will go to church on Christmas Eve, then we'll all come back to our house and serve dinner."

"We did that back home, except instead of Aunts and Uncles, it would just be my mom, dad and I. But it was still fun."

I finish up my ice cream and wipe my face before throwing away my trash. Luke does the same.

"Do you wanna walk down the beach?" He asks.

I nod and slide my shoes, letting my feet sink into the warm sand.

"Thank you, Luke. I'm having a lot of fun," I smile, leaning in and side hugging him as we walk on the shoreline.

"Me too," he sighs, watching the sunset.

I throw shells into the tide, watching as they make a little splash and 'plop!'.

"Can you skip stones?" Luke challenges me. I giggle and wave my hand. "Psh, come on. I can do anything."

He laughs, handing me a flat stone. "Do it then."

I flick my wrist and watch as it glides across the water. "Beginners luck," he jokingly spits.

I raise an eyebrow and fold my arms. "It's on."

So, as the sun settled down and the moon nestled in, we held a skipping stone competition.

I look down at my lit up watch to see that it was 8:40. "Luke, we should probably go."

He nods and skips his last rock. We head back up to the sidewalk and walk back home with street lamps as our only source of light.

Luke walks me to my doorstep. "Thank you for tonight. I had a lot of fun."

He smiles and runs his fingers through his hair. "Me too. I like you... A lot."

I blush and reach up on my tippy toes, quickly kissing his cheek. "Good night, Lucas," I call as he walks back to his house.

"Night, Cupcake."

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