New Beginnings // lrh

In which an American teenager moves to Australia and finds herself falling for a boy, but soon learns that he's leaving and they can't be together.


1. One


"Perk up," my mom nudges my arm and slightly laughs after many attempts of getting her to tell the pilot to turn back around.

"Tessa Marie," she warns after a grunt and rolling of eyes.

"This should be considered kidnap," I look over at her with dramatically wide eyes after a moment of silence.

I could tell she was stressing and upset by the way she was constantly messing with her hair as a distraction. The habit I had inherited, and I only did when it was serious.

I sigh and look out my window, feeling bad for the snarky comments... I had been making them since we woke up at the crack of dawn.

She couldn't blame me, though. I had to leave everything behind and move over seas only in a matter of weeks.

"Look, Tess. I'm sorry. I know it's hard," she sympathetically lays her hand on my bare thigh, then brings it up and rubs my chin. I fight back tears but fake a smile for her satisfaction.

"But, a new school and home might be a good thing! New friends, new teachers, a new beginning," she smiles, flashing me her award winning pearly whites. I nod and lay my head on her shoulder and let her soft brown hair brush across my face as she leans down and kisses my forehead.

I loved my mom, but saying the words she wanted me to say and feeling the way she wanted me to feel couldn't and wouldn't happen.

I would never say that I felt at home, and I would never feel that way. Not here, not in Australia.

I had already made a promised myself.


I know, I'm sorry it's a short and boring chapter. It also might not make sense, but it all ties together in the next couple of chapters, so stay tuned. ;)

Bye friends:P

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