New Beginnings // lrh

In which an American teenager moves to Australia and finds herself falling for a boy, but soon learns that he's leaving and they can't be together.


4. Four


"How was it? Did you make friends? Are they boys? Or are they girls?" My mom throws questions at me left and right as we walk upstairs and into the mud room.

"Mom, my day was great, okay? I met Luke and some of his friends who are also boys. I ate lunch with them and they seemed pretty cool, so can you lay off a bit? I'm fine," I accidentally snap, and I watch as her expression drops dramatically.

She presses her her lips together and forces a smile, "Yeah. Sorry, Babe."

I close my eyes and sigh after she walks into the kitchen and begins putting some small spices away.

I frown as I run up to my room and finish my little bit of homework. When I'm done, as if right on cue, my phone rings.

'Call from Luke'

I quickly accept it and put the device to my ear.


"Hey, Tessa. I was just about to head out to the beach and watch the sunset. I know you're not from here and thought it'd be cool to show you around."

I smile and fiddle with my fingers, "Yeah. I'd love to."

"Great! I'll be over in 10."

And with that, he hung up. I hop off my bed and put my school work away, then look through my options on swimsuits.

I quickly decide on a white halter top bikini and put on a pair of denim shorts and a loose grey shirt.

I slide on my sandals and grab a beach bag, towel, and my wallet.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, I run downstairs to answer the door.

"Mom, I'm going to the beach with Luke! Don't wait up!" I shout to wherever she is in the house and hope she can hear me.

"Okay! Have fun and be safe!"

I open the door and smile to see Luke standing there in his blue swim trunks and a pattern tank top. He doesn't hold a bag, but instead replaces it with a longboard.

"I thought we could skate to the beach," he smiles. "It's what I usually do."

I nod frighteningly and follow him down the stairs and onto the sidewalk.

"Step on," he says and lays his board down. I chew my lip and do as told.

"Luke, I've never ridden before. What if one of us gets hurt?"

"We'll be fine. Besides, I'm teaching you to ride today whether you like it or not."

I giggle before taking his offering hand. We slowly start down the sidewalk and my legs begin wobbling.

"It's okay, Tessa. Calm down. I've got you."

I deeply breath in and straighten up my posture.

Luke never leaves my side, and soon the sidewalk is too sandy to skate.

I take my shoes off and let me feet sink into the warm sand. Luke puts his stuff in my bag as I lay down one of the colorful towels.

We both talk while waiting for the sun to begin its setting.

"So what do you do for a hobby?" Luke asks while taking a seat next to me.

"I don't really know... I love acting. I would always audition for plays back home. At first it was just something to keep me busy, but then it got more serious and it became a passion."

"Tessa, that's awesome."

I smile and nod, "What about you, Lucas?"

He chuckles. "First of all, nobody has called me Lucas in 2 years," I laugh and lightly tease him.

"No, but really. What'd you love to do?"

"I love singing. No doubt about it," he runs his fingers through his messy hair.


"Yep. In fact, Calum, Michael and I are in a band."

I laugh, "No way."

"Yes way. The only thing we're missing is a drummer."

"What's the band name?"

"5 Seconds of Summer. But we call ourselves 5 Sauce," I giggle at the short name.

There's a moment of silence, the only voices now coming from the seagulls flying above us.

"That's great Luke. Congrats," I smile and nudge him, making him chuckle.

"Thanks, Tessa."

I look out into the ocean and begin watching as the sun slowly sets. Luke does the same, and after 30 minutes we decide to go swimming.

I yank my clothes off (A/N: lol) and run in after Luke. We splash around and have breath holding contests while the full moon shines down on us.

"We should get going," Luke says after an hour of swimming. I nod and we make our way to our stuff, drying off and putting our clothes back on.

"Are you hungry?"

I shake my head, "No."

"There's this really good restaurant that the boys and I always eat at together. It's just down the street," he points over to a lit up sign.

'Sandy's Beachside grill'

Luke drags me down the street without my decision on going or not. We walk into the small building to be greeted by a beautiful young women.

"Luke!" She smiles, giving him a long friendly hug. "Who's this?" She smiles.

"Hi, I'm Tessa. I just moved here from California," We shake hands for what felt like the millionth time that day.

"I'm Rebecca, our parents go way back," she points between her and Luke.

Rebecca takes us to a booth and asks for our order on drinks.

When she leaves, Luke and I talk and have a couple of laughs. She arrives a little later with our drinks and and we give her our orders for food.

"Be right back, I'm gonna go to the bathroom," Luke says and walks away.

I sip on my drink and scroll through social media while waiting for my chatting buddy to come back.

"Where's Luke?" Rebecca asks, scanning the room for any sign of him. "Bathroom. Why?"

She lays our food out on the table, "He's a good kid. Don't break his heart."

"Yeah. I know, he's been... The sweetest," I blush.

She smiles while shoving her hands in her apron pockets,

"Good. You're a keeper."


"Here we are," Luke sighs, but passes his house and walks me up to mine. What a gentleman.

We walk up the stairs and stop on the door step.



"Thank you for tonight. I had a great time," I smile and give him a friendly hug.

"Of course. You're different than most girls here. Maybe it's something they put in the water back in America," he jokes. I giggle.

"Your job here is done. You've made my night. Now shoo."

He chuckles before waving and wishing me a good night.

I smile to myself as I walk into the house. I notice most the lights are on, and check my phone for the time.

10:30. Why was she still unpacking?

"Hey Babe," my mom yawns. I quickly hug her before fixing up a cup of tea and strawberries.

"Here," I slide the bowl and mug to her, "I can tell you haven't taken a break to eat."

She frowns and nods, "I just want to get this done."

I watch as she slowly devours the fruit and sips her tea. "Thank you, Tess. I'm glad I have you."

I kiss her good night and run up the stairs. When I hop in bed and turn off the lights, my phone pings.

'Night, Cupcake.'

I giggle at my new name and quickly type back.

'Good night, Lucas.'


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