New Beginnings // lrh

In which an American teenager moves to Australia and finds herself falling for a boy, but soon learns that he's leaving and they can't be together.


5. Five



"Hurry up, Babe," my mom says from the other side of my door. "The Hemmings will be here soon."

Today was Thanksgiving, and since it's an American holiday and we weren't in America, there wasn't really anyone to celebrate with. My mom was sad, and we thought we would just have to go without it.

But, although they aren't American, the Hemmings family decided to eat dinner with us and do all the things we would regularly do on this holiday. They were nice enough to act as our family.

I inspect my outfit carefully, making sure it looked decent. 

I tug at my black skater skirt, pulling it down a little. Underneath my skirt I wear black tights, while on top I tuck in my knit maroon sweater. When I'm satisfied with my appearance, I slide on my tan platform ankle boots and skip downstairs.

I help my mom with setting the table and soon the doorbell rings. I run over to answer it and welcome the Hemmings inside. I wasn't surprised they were the first to arrive, considering we're neighbors.

"Thank you for coming," I smile and give Luke's mom, Liz, a hug. She smiles, "Of course, dear. We're pleased to."

I greet Andrew, Luke, Ben, and Jack all with hugs and thank them also for coming. 

We all sit around and watch sports, chatting and just having a great time. 

"So what'd you usually do on Thanksgiving?" Luke asks. We decided to sit on the patio and watch the ocean as we waited for the food.

"Well, our family would come over, and we would hang out for a little, kind of watch sports and catch up like we're doing right now. Then when everyone was ready, they'd serve themselves and we'd eat way more food than is healthy," I giggle, "like turkey, yams. That kind of stuff. But before that, we'd all say what we were thankful for and pray." I smile, the memories of my family flooding back. 

"That sounds... awesome," Luke smiles, pulling me to his side. 

We sit like that in silence. I don't know if it was for 5 seconds, or 5 minutes, because both of us were just enjoying the moment. 

Soon, my mom comes out and tells us that it's time to eat, so we walk back in together.

I sit in between my mom and Luke, and we all join hands. 

"So, as a tradition, we all go around and say something we're grateful for, and no repeating. I'll start us off," my mom says.

After everyone has said what they're thankful for and I say a quick prayer, we all have a great meal. We share some funny and embarrassing stories together, giving us all some good laughs. 

When we finish eating, I take Luke on his requested house tour. 

We talk as I show him around, and when we reach my room he throws himself onto my queen sized bed. I giggle and lay in my hanging egg chair. 

"You have a huge room," Luke whines, looking around and touching things. He picks up a picture from my nightstand.

"Who's this?" He asks, pointing to the man in the photo with me. I mentally whimper.

"My dad."

He sets the picture back down. "Oh... I'm sorry." 

I press my lips together and nod. "Me too." 

We sit in silence. "I know you wanna ask me. Go ahead."

"What happened to him?" 

I sigh, "He was in the Army. He had lots of issues after coming back from war and killed himself when I was 5."

Luke says not a word and instead walks over to me, pulling me into a hug. I sob into his chest, tugging at his shirt.

He plays with my hair and traces designs on my back with his thumb while rocking us back and forth. After a couple of minutes, I stop crying, but Luke stays put. He sets us both down on my bed, never separating from me. 

I wrap my arms around him and soon find myself falling asleep.


I wake up to the sound of knocking. "Come in," I shout, trying not to wake the sleeping boy wrapped around me.

I push myself up so my back is against my headboard as Liz and my mom walk in. They both coo at the sight of accidental cuddle buddies, minus the accidental in their minds.

Luke slightly stirs, squeezing my waist with his arms. "Well, they both just look so comfy and I trust them. So, it's okay, Luke can stay with you tonight?" Liz asks, looking over at my mom.

She tilts her head in thought. "I guess that'd be okay?"

My mom walks over to my side and kisses me goodnight as Liz does the same with Luke.

"Goodnight, Tessa. Thank you for being such a good friend to Luke," she smiles as both she and my mom walk out together, flicking off the light.

I slide back down into the arms of Luke and sigh.

My mom and Liz were setting Luke and I up together. 

And I didn't have much a problem with it.


"Morning," Luke chuckles as I rub my eyes and groan. "I see my mom bribed yours to let me spend the night?" 

I giggle, "Yep." 

We watch Netflix together for a little bit while eating some breakfast my mom had made for us. After and hour and a half or so, Luke and I decide to make plans for the day.

"How about the park?" 

I giggle, "The park? Why the park?" 

"We're going to the park. Be ready by noon, okay?" 

I check the clock. 9:00.


Luke smiles and hugs me, thanking me for a great night. (A/N: ;-;)

I hop into the shower after he leaves, then throw on a grey cut off crop top and skinny jeans. I do my regular makeup and put my hair into a messy bun, then slide my white converse on. I find a pair of sunglasses and put them on also.

I grab my phone and run downstairs, waiting for Luke.


Lessa shipper for life<3

Bye friends:)

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