Growing Up Too Fast

"I promise you I'm not a dick like him."

"How do I know that?"

"Let me show you."

And with that he leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't like my first kiss. In this kiss I felt sparks. Like we were meant to be. I pulled away when I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me.

"Damn it, can't you wait until we get home or something?"

"Ashton could you fucking leave us alone?"


5. Sure

The next day

I got up and took a shower, i woke up early so I had enough time to do everything that I needed to do. When I got out I went into my closet searching for clothes. I decided I would wear my black and purple flannel with my black skinny jeans. I grabbed my my backpack and pulled my binder out of it. I checked to see if I was missing any assignments. And of course, I forgot to do my math homework. I opened the calculator app on my phone and solved the answers. I didn't care if they were wrong, I just wanted something on the page. 

After I finished I walked downstairs and got some cereal. My mom left for work early so I was left alone once again. I sat down on the couch with my cereal and started watching some random tv show that came on. It was about time to go when I finished my cereal so I put it in the sink and picked up my stuff. I walked out the door and went to my bus stop. While I was walking I could see that there were barely any kids there. I sat down on the metal bench and put in my earbuds and started listening to Metro Station. I saw Michael walking towards me. His hair looked awful. He sat down by me and just looked at me. "What?" I asked. "Nothing." He mumbled and turned away. More kids came and ruined the silence. The bus pulled up and we all got on. Like always I sat next to Mikey. 

"Are you ok?" I asked him. 

Michaels P.O.V 
 She asked me that question and at that point I just wanted to pour out all my feelings, I wanted to tell her how I felt about her, the way she made me feel, special and wanted, I looked her in the eyes and smiled. "I'm ok. I just didn't get that much sleep last night. But I do have good news, I found a drummer." Both were true, I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about her. And I did find a drummer on Facebook. I told her about our newest band member, Ashton.
 We got off the bus and like always we said goodbye and walked to class. 
I got my books out of my locker and started walking to seminar. I really wanted to tell her how I felt about her but she probably doesn't feel the same way about me. We were best friends, and I knew it probably wouldn't work out anyways. I walked into homeroom and sat down by Calum. 

Geo's P.O.V

In homeroom I was talking to Emmy about how Mikey was acting. Afterwards I went to social studies. 

The day went on and our little group met at lunch. Michael sat at our regular table with Calum and Luke. We all got to know each other better, at the end of lunch we all had each other's phone numbers. 

(you guys are so supportive smh i still luv u guys tho)

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