Growing Up Too Fast

"I promise you I'm not a dick like him."

"How do I know that?"

"Let me show you."

And with that he leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't like my first kiss. In this kiss I felt sparks. Like we were meant to be. I pulled away when I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me.

"Damn it, can't you wait until we get home or something?"

"Ashton could you fucking leave us alone?"


6. #Meo

*After School*
Michaels P.O.V
I walked out of my last class and hurried to my locker like yesterday.  I stuffed my books into my backpack and slammed my locker. When I got out front I saw her sitting on the steps, I walked up to her. "Hey Geo." I said awkwardly. She laughed and stood up. "They're taking too long, let's go." She said pulling my arm. I smiled and walked with her towards the buses.  I looked behind me and saw Calum and Luke smiling like idiots. 


"I want to tell you something." I said as she wiggled into the bus seat. Her bright smile faded and was replaced by a nervous one. P "I really like you, like a lot, you're really funny, and super cute, I've had a crush on you since the day I kicked you in the face with a soccer ball." I said letting out a nervous chuckle. 

Geo's P.O.V

I looked up at him. His cheeks were bright red. I smiled at him. "I really like you too, and my head still hurts from that." I said back laughing. "Would you be my girlfriend? I mean you don't have t-" 
I cut him off. "Mikey, I would love to be your girlfriend." 
Gladly the bus was too loud for others to hear our conversation. 
He hugged me and to be honest I didn't want him to let go. His entire mood changed. He smiled the rest of the bus ride home. 

I walked home from the bus stop fidgety and slowly. My mom wasn't there, like always. I went up to my room and texted my friends. I told them about what happened. I didn't ever think that I would be in a relationship with Mikey, but i had always liked him so maybe this was good for me.

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