Growing Up Too Fast

"I promise you I'm not a dick like him." "How do I know that?" "Let me show you." And with that he leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't like my first kiss. In this kiss I felt sparks. Like we were meant to be. I pulled away when I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me. "Damn it, can't you wait until we get home or something?" "Ashton could you fucking leave us alone?"


1. Characters

Characters that will be introduced soon

5sos - They're hard to explain.

Geo - Mixed, has long black curly hair, and grayish green eyes.

Emmylou - has short strawberry blonde hair, and dark blue eyes.

Jay - Pale (As in Michael pale), has shoulder length black, silky hair, and dark brown eyes.

This story is before and during 5sos becoming famous.

I'll update once or twice a week depending if people read this story and if people like it.

Right now I guess everyone in this story is in the 10th grade.

Everything will fall into place. I hope.

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