Growing Up Too Fast

"I promise you I'm not a dick like him."

"How do I know that?"

"Let me show you."

And with that he leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't like my first kiss. In this kiss I felt sparks. Like we were meant to be. I pulled away when I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me.

"Damn it, can't you wait until we get home or something?"

"Ashton could you fucking leave us alone?"


2. A Band

I woke up and repeated my daily routine, I brushed out my frizzy black and brown hair and chose an outfit for the day. I picked out my oversized black sweater with my slightly faded grey skinny jeans. I grabbed my phone and my backpack and ran down the stairs. I threw my backpack on the couch and walked into the kitchen. 

"Geo, I'm heading to work. Behave yourself." My mom said walking out the front door. I sighed and poured myself a glass of water. I lifted myself up on our big quartz island in the center of the kitchen and continued to drink my cold water.  I glanced up at the time on the stove and cussed at myself. I should've been at the bus stop already. I put my cup in the sink and grabbed my backpack. 

I ran to the bus stop just in time to be the last one on. I looked around searching for my friends. All the seats by them were filled so i looked for an empty one. I saw Michael and walked over. I slid into the leather seat. 

"Hey."  He turned around with a grin on his face. "Hi Geo" he said excitedly. Before I could ask him how his weekend was he interrupted me. "You know Calum and Luke right?" He asked. "I'm pretty sure they're in my math class, why?" I replied. "Did you know that Luke wanted to start a band?" The stupid grin still stuck on his face. 

 A few weeks ago I was over at Michaels house and I asked him what he would most likely be doing when he grew up. He replied with being in a band. I laughed at him. 

"I think I saw him on YouTube once." I said still not getting his clues. "Luke said I can help him start a band!" He said giggling. "That's awesome!" I said nudging his shoulder. 

"On Wednesday we're gonna sing Teenage Dirtbag and upload it to YouTube. By then we should have a drummer. It's gonna to be straight after school at my house. Can you come?" 
 "Yeah I'll be there." I said as the bus pulled up to the school. He smiled and stepped off of the bus. 

We walked into school and waved bye as we went our separate ways. Sitting down in one of the desks in homeroom, I got out my book and started reading. I saw the familiar strawberry blonde struggling to get her hair out of her face and motioned for her to come sit down.
 "Do you know if Calum likes me?" Emmylou asked finally getting her hair situated. "I barely know Calum." I replied laughing. "Well I like him. I hear him talking to his friends on the bus and he's really funny. He's also really really cute. His cheeks look so squishy and soft. I want to hug him and never let go." She said giggling. At this point I just zoned out and started continued to read my book. 

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