Undeniable (After Romeo AU)


2. Chapter Two

WARNING: this chapter includes minor self harm!
The next morning I showed up at Jaina and Drew's house to pick her up for school and I noticed Drew had already head out for work and I noticed after I let myself in Jaina wasn't making a sound, so I headed upstairs to her room and knocked on the door. 

"JScott, you awake?" That's when I heard her in her bathroom across the hall with the sound of her throwing up. I walk in her bathroom which the door was open with the sight of her hanging over the toilet, I run over to her and grab her bleach blonde hair,dip dyed pink and hold it out of her face. 

"Are you ok? Well obviously not! But what made you sick?" I asked her getting her a glass of water. Then I noticed what looked like fresh cuts on her arm. Did the school bully cause her to want to cut herself? That's not like her. 

"JAINA, WHERE DID YOU PUT THE  BLADES?" She didn't answer. "WHERE DID YOU PUT THEM?" I asked again in tears. She pulled the bloody blades out of her left jeans pocket and handed them to me. I also remember she gets sick at the sight of blood. I gently grab her wrists and set her on the lavatory and take a damp wash cloth and apply it to her fresh wounds, she at that point was also crying. I put my hand under her chin and get her to look into my eyes. 

"I'm not a whore! Why do people say such mean things?" Jaina rarely ever cried. I hated seeing her cry. I was so disgusted at the rumors that the bully had posted. She's my best friend I love seeing her smile. 

"Ignore those dumb asses! They don't know what they're talking about! You're beautiful, you're amazing,you're  kind, and you love everyone you meet." I said as I bandaged the last of her wounds. She then wipes her tears and redoes her makeup. 

"We better get off to school,we'll be late!" She said grabbing her phone and backpack. 

I was getting ready for school and my Twitter kept going off with tweets about what the bully had said. It was too much I couldn't take it any longer I grabbed a razor blade out of my bathroom cabinet and and broke it and left a few cuts on my skin. After seeing the blood seeping from the wounds I ran to my toilet and started vomiting. After a while I heard Blake walk in and run over to hold my hair. After a while of talking and crying and him cleaning my wounds, we headed off to school. When we arrived people were staring and talking amongst themselves. That's when I met Tara in the school hallway. 

"Hey ugly whore,who are you fucking today?" She spit out. I just turn away. "Are you not gonna answer my question bitch? I bet it's Drake the quarterback! How much did Blake pay you?" Tears once again threatened my eyes and as I go to turn to walk towards my locker I almost ran into Jayk. He then wrapped his arms around me. 

"Alright, you listen,all of you listen, there is no excuse in making up and listening to rumors and lies and Tara stop being a bitch because I wouldn't have sex with you!" He yelled loud enough for everyone to hear him. 

"Come on Jaina, I have a plan!" Jayk grabbed me arm making me wince at the pain. He looked at my arm and sighed. 

"I'm not going to do it again!" I looked him in the eyes. He then took me to the school entrance, it was then I realized his intentions were to skip school. (A/n:Don't skip school kids!). We slipped out the door to his car and sat in his car for a few minutes. 

"Let's get some lunch. Where do you want to eat?" Jayk asked. 

"Can we go to Chic-Fil-A?" I asked and he nodded. After we ate we got back in his car and headed to an arcade and played games for an hour. I'm glad that we ended up skipping school. After we got finished at the arcade he dropped me back off at my house. After he dropped me off at the door,he looked me in the eyes. 

"See you at school Monday?" He asked me. 

"You should!" I replied. I then did something brave and I leaned in and kissed him, he kissed back. He made my day ten-thousand times better. 

"Thanks, Jayk! Thanks for making my day better!" He smiled. 

"Goodnight, Jaina Marie Scott!" 

"Goodnight Jaykob Andre Purdy." I smiled back.

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