Undeniable (After Romeo AU)


3. Chapter Three

Ah the smell of Saturday breakfast! I wake up and almost forget.. I sleep nude and almost run downstairs. 

"Shit,I need pants!" I mumble. 

"Jaykob Andre, breakfast, downstairs, now!" My mom yells. While putting on my pants I trip and end up falling. 

"COMING MOM!" I yell back rolling my eyes. I get up and pull up my pants and run downstairs for breakfast. 

"Good morning sweet pea!" My mom said kissing my head. 

"Morning mom!" I say and sit at the breakfast table. My phone seconds later lights up. It was  Jaina calling me. I look at mom. 

"Go ahead baby." Mom said and nodded sipping her coffee. I ran to the living room and answer my phone. 

"Hey Jai Jai, what's up?"

"Jai Jai? That's a new one!" She giggled. 

"What are you doing right now?" I asked her. 

"Nothing, Drew just left for work and I'm home alone. I thought about walking to McDonald's." 

"Wait Jai Jai McDonald's is about a thirty minute walk from your house, you'd be starving by the time you get there. Let me pick you up and you can eat breakfast with us." I replied. 

"Are you sure?" She asked. 

"Yeah, I'll be there in 10 minutes." I said and grabbed the keys to my car. "I'll be right back mom." 

"Who's the special lady you invited for breakfast Jayk?" She asked me. 

"Oh her name is Jaina Scott. It isn't official yet, so please don't say anything stupid." I replied and went to my car and drove towards Jaina's house. 

It was a sunny Saturday morning, Drew had already headed off to work and I was bored so I decided I'd call Jayk. I was seriously getting hungry and I said something about walking to McDonald's and he invited me to eat breakfast with him. I put on a pair of jeans and a short sleeve shirt and a pair of flip flops. As he promised ten minutes after the phone call he arrived. I grabbed my phone and took one last good look in the mirror to check my appearance when he knocked at the door. 

"Good morning beautiful." He said and held out his hand and guided me to his car. 

"Good morning handsome." I smiled and we headed to his car and he opened the door and I got in. He drove to his house and when we got there we were immediately greeted at the door by I guess his mom. 

"You must be Jaina?" She looked at me to confirm that she got my name right. 

"Yes ma'am, that's me!" I smiled and shook her hand. 

"Oh honey, what happened to your arm?" She frowned and Jayk looked at her as to say "don't". 

"It's ok Jayk, I-I had an accident." I lied hoping she'd buy it. 

"Oh alright. Breakfast is in the kitchen." She said motioning toward the kitchen. Yes! She bought my lie. 

"Jai Jai, you didn't have to tell her anything!" Jayk whispered. 

"Jayk, who's the pretty girl?" A young girl asked, who I assumed was his sister. 

"Oh Kristin, this is Jaina, Jaina, this is my sister Kristin." He introduced us. 

"Nice to meet you Kristin." I said and held out my hand to shake. 

"Nice to meet you too. You've got a lot of booboos." She frowned and shook my hand. 

"Yeah, they're battle scars." I told the young girl and she looked at me puzzled. 

"What are battle scars?" She asked. 

"They are when you go through a hard time in life and you get sad." I replied. 

"Will I ever get battle scars?" She asked in reply. 

"I hope not. When you see anyone with them, hug them and tell them everything will be alright." I replied and she hugged me. 

"Everything will be alright." Kristin's hug made me smile. 

"Alrighty, breakfast is served." Mrs. Purdy said as she walked in the kitchen and put plates of pancakes, sausage and cups of orange juice in front of us. After breakfast Jayk showed me around  the house and then we sat in the living room and talked for a while. 

"How would you like to go to spend the day at Disney Land with me?" He asked me. 

"Sounds like fun to me!" I replied. 

"Ooo can I go too, can I go too?" Kristin asked. Jayk sighed. 

"Princess, let them have a little alone time!" Mrs. Purdy picked up Kristin. 

"Oh, no it's fine, I don't mind, Jaina's friend Blake could go with us and watch get while we get on some of the rides." He replied. 

"Oh well if that's the case I guess you can go with them princess!" 

"Yay, yay, Disney!" Kristin squealed. Me, Blake, Jayk and Kristin spent until closing at Disney Land and after that Jayk dropped, Blake off at his house and me off at mine. While Kristin was in the car sleeping he walked me to my door. 

"Today was great! Thanks Jayk." I smiled. 

"No biggie. I had a great time. I- I have a quick question before I go. Would you want to be my girlfriend?" He nervously asked. I didn't answer, I  kissed him and smiled. 

"Goodnight Jaykob Andre Purdy." He smiled. 

"I take that as a yes!" He smiled. I smiled back. 

"That is a yes!" 

"See you at school Monday beautiful!" He smiled. 

"See you Monday!" I smiled back.

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