Undeniable (After Romeo AU)


1. Chapter One

"Jaina Marie Scott you are in a HUMONGOUS amount of trouble! I am highly disappointed!" Drew walked in and I looked up from the magazine I was reading. 

"What in God's green earth are you talking about Drew?" Ever since mom died in the crash Drew had pretty much taken over the role of both parents. Dad was in jail and no one had stepped up to care for me. 

"I found these, in your room!" He said holding up what appeared to be a pack of cigarettes. Dammit Blake you left your pack of cigarettes in my room again! 

"First off Drew, they aren't mine,second, what the hell were you doing in my room?"  I looked up from my magazine and Drew gave me a look. 

"I was gathering laundry, and if they're not yours then whose are they?" He gave me a puzzled look and glanced at the cigarettes. Not wanting to get Blake in trouble I said the first name that came to mind. 

"They're TC's!" Oops, I hope TC don't get in trouble. 

"Well anyways, you better head to school don't want you to be late!" He said grabbing his car keys. 

"Actually Drew,Blake is picking me up for school. Oh and I'll dispose of these." I said and kissed Drew's cheek and grabbed the package of cigarettes out from his hands as I heard Blake's car pull up. 

"Alright, have a good day at school." Drew said as I grabbed my backpack off the floor by the door and put my cellphone in my back pocket of my jeans. 

"Hey Jaina,you ready for school?" I asked and she gave me a look. 

"Hey, I believe you left these at my house. Can we stop by McDonald's first I am so hungry!"  She asked handing me my package of cigarettes after taking one out of the package and lighting it. 

"Sure,wait I thought you didn't smoke?" I said as I pulled up behind a maroon Camaro in McDonald's drive thru. 

"Eh, it's not that bad after all!" She shrugged. Later after we got our breakfast we arrived at school. Jaina headed to her locker and put her backpack in after grabbing her calculus book and the notebook she takes notes in. 

"See ya after class JScott!" I yelled down the hall and she started towards her class. The day drug on and it was eventually lunchtime and I met Jaina in the cafeteria. 


"Ugh, none of this looks very appetizing!" I gagged. 

"Yeah, you couldn't pay me to eat this shit! Do you wanna maybe go Taco Bell with me for lunch?" I looked over my shoulder and Jayk Purdy was standing there. 

"Yeah,um, sure." I said as I glared over at Blake for approval and he gave me a nod. 

"Nice! Follow me." He said as he lead me to the school parking lot to his bright blue,drop top,Ford Mustang. 

"This is your car?" I asked, looking the car over as he opens the passenger side door for me and I get in. 

"What, do you not like it?" He questioned and I sat there looking down at my feet.

"No, I do, it's just.. I.. This is the exact same kind of car my mom drove before she passed away." Tears threatening my eyes. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. That really sucks." Was all he could say. 

"It's fine! It's just different without her here." I said in reply. 

"Hey, why exactly do you ride with Blake to school all the time?" He asked me. 

"I-- I kinda,really,haven't learned to drive yet!" I muttered out and we got out at Taco Bell. 

"I can teach you over the summer if you'd like?" He offered. I took a while and decide maybe I'd let him. 

"That sounds fine!" I said and ordered my usual chicken taco and burrito and sat down and waited on my order. After we ate our lunch we headed back to school for our last class of the day. While in the class Jayk tapped me on the shoulder and handed me his phone and I put my number in his contacts. After class I headed out of the room in mission to find Blake, when I saw a couple of the cheerleaders pointing at me and talking and they motioned for me to walk to them. 

"Listen, I'd be careful hanging out with Jayk, he's been know to be the schools biggest asshole!" The cheerleader said. I don't like when people talk about others and at what she said I gave her a glare and turned to walk away, when I did the cheerleader pulled me by my shirt tail. "Seriously don't bother with him!" She said and the other cheerleader looked at me.

"Oh ignore her she's just mad because Jayk broke up with her because he wouldn't hookup with her." 

"Listen, I'm not looking for trouble and I'm also looking for my best friend. So if you'll excuse me!" I went to walk away again to look for Blake. When I got home I opened my laptop and did my homework. After that I got a text from Blake.

"Jaina, check your Twitter!" I open Twitter and noticed there was a mention from the schools bully account. 

"@/jainamcupcake (a/n: not an actual Twitter.) the schools new whore. Did you hear, she's been sleeping with @/Blakisenglish. I bet she has STDs!" After reading that I picked up my laptop and closed it and texted Blake back before walking to his house a block away. 

"Who do you think did this?" Blake asked awkwardly. 

"Probably those dumb cheerleaders!" I replied glaring out into nowhere. Moments later Jayk texted me. 

"Hey Jaina, I saw the tweet, I can't believe someone would tweet such a thing! I'm so sorry! It was probably my bitchy ex girlfriend." 

"It's fine! She'll get bit in the ass by karma." I replied. It got late and I went home and went to bed. Because I had school the next morning.

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