Killjoy: Covered in Red

A young boy lives in poverty. His family is abusive and his only friends are the imaginary hero's he creates with his imagination. Dealing with school is even worse considering the kids call him the emo kid and bully him constantly. His life begins to worsen as he starts losing control and lashing out at the people around him. When he his put in a correctional facility after hurting people to badly he is confused and angry. In these times he is in need of his imaginary hero's even more. However as he slowly begins to lose hope the hero's start to fade. As he grows unaware to his feelings he meets someone who changes his whole life. Like a hero she saved his life. Not only did she save him she also had supernatural powers. Once she enters his life things began to grow a bit brighter. He even met the hero's he had imagined as these years. Finally someone had saved him. Finally he was not the killjoy anymore.


4. Unsteady

Before the principal was able to fully drag me from the boy I had beaten up I looked at him for one last second and realized something. The dread creeped up into my spine and found its way to my vocal cords. I let out a terrible blood curdling scream.


He was  ​dead.    ​I had killed someone. The worst part was that I enjoyed it.  Every punch and every bit of blood I had caused. All of it.

Once we were inside the principal shot all of his words at me like soldiers on the other side of the battle field. I even thought for one second that he was going to hit me. I hoped with all my heart that he wouldn't either because if he did I would've gone insane again.

His words didn't hurt though because I didn't listen. All that spewed from his mouth sounded like he was under water or in slow motion. The words blurred and smashed together until I couldn't understand them.

Behind the blur of words I could the suttle siren of an ambulance. Maybe even police cars.

I figured out soon both had come. A lot at that. I was going to go to jail. They were going to punish me for something I had done because they had done it all these years and I was fed up.

The one day I fought back was the one day I was going to pay for something I did. The one thing they deserved and something I couldn't handle.

I screamed and I was sure it reached them. I put all my sadness,regret,and pain into that scream. But they didn't hear me. They didn't listen. They didn't care. They wanted me gone and were glad I was getting punished for something I didn't deserve.

I cried and they asked me questions. Through the questions I looked around the crowd of police officers and the officials and spotted the people in the street. They were the kids from my school. They gawked at me with faces that were scared and I smiled. They understood. They knew they should fear me. They knew they shouldn't have messed with me. I could tell because one of them screamed when the mutilated body of the boy was picked up and put in the ambulance. They didn't even hurry. He was dead and they knew it.

​ Soon after that they threw me in a police officer and I was lost in thought,' What would my Dad think of me now. Would he hate me even more? Would he be scared? I wanted to know how he felt when I had BEAT someone to death. I could've been the one to do that to him. I chose to do it to the bullies first. They were young and could be vanquished easier. All this evil happened behind the scenes and so many people didn't know about it. There were people dying inside and others who were dying physically. Those people deserved to be recognized. They deserved to have revenge. I was going to that until my death. For them. For ME.


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