Killjoy: Covered in Red

A young boy lives in poverty. His family is abusive and his only friends are the imaginary hero's he creates with his imagination. Dealing with school is even worse considering the kids call him the emo kid and bully him constantly. His life begins to worsen as he starts losing control and lashing out at the people around him. When he his put in a correctional facility after hurting people to badly he is confused and angry. In these times he is in need of his imaginary hero's even more. However as he slowly begins to lose hope the hero's start to fade. As he grows unaware to his feelings he meets someone who changes his whole life. Like a hero she saved his life. Not only did she save him she also had supernatural powers. Once she enters his life things began to grow a bit brighter. He even met the hero's he had imagined as these years. Finally someone had saved him. Finally he was not the killjoy anymore.


2. School

   Probably the hardest thing during the day is ignoring the people around me. Some stop and stare while others laugh and sneer. I'm an animal at the zoo for everyone to be entertained by wether it be to stare at or to poke and prod. Walking down the hallway is like walking through a battlefield. There are grenades(people) ready to smash your books out of your hands and guns(bullies) ready to knock your  lights out.

   Today I made it to my classroom being ignored. What a relief. The bruises and scratches hurt enough as it is so today I was gonna try as hard as I could to stay away from the lunch room or hallways. Even my own locker.


     I sat in the back of the classroom and pulled out yet another crappy electronic I had found in a old dump. It was a crusty blue IPod. I mean hey it still worked. Screen was cracked a little and the person who had it before had a good enough mixtape. Kids with their electronics around the room had everything. I'm talking IPhone six's and IPad Mini's! Where did they get all these nice things though? Oh yes. I forgot I'm the only one here who has parents that don't care about what I have or me in general.

So of course I was the only one their that didn't have anything remotely nice. Remotely. Ha. I didn't have a T.V. to watch either. It wasn't like I cared though. Delicacy's for me were the occasional fast food restaurant visits. I got extra money for mowing lawns and helping people move boxes. That also gave me excuses to say I got all these bruises from work.


   Within a second the teacher was throwing her stuff on her desk huffing and puffing.

She puffed out," I'm sorry.. I was caught in traffic..."

I heard that one last week. But oh well. Least she tried. I sat through a boring lesson. I think it was something to do with tangents but I wasn't sure. The only reason I went to school was because it was a law. If it wasn't a law I'd be a long way from here. Runaway and sneak onto a boat. Go to Africa and France. Maybe make a friend on that boat. It would probably be a rat or something.

I wasn't good at making friends. I would probably be the most un-relatable person you'd meet actually. I'd say 'Hey! You know that feeling when you can't move cause your in so much pain?' Yup I'm a social butterfly.

Some more boring classes ended and for once there was one class I enjoyed. That was music class. I could play just about every instrument I touched. This also turned just about every person in that class against me. I could tell because when Mr. Beal(the music teacher )  complimented me everyone got this pissed off face and looked away.  My favorite instrument of all was the violin. The sound it gave off was beautiful. It was like a sad song waiting to be heard. Or at least that's how it sounded when I played it. As soon as I hit the strings and began to play my heart and soul became the song. It played sad songs that wailed in agony and made you cry. The songs were exact replicas of the feelings of pain I felt. For the talent show every advanced music player was required to play in the show and when I hit the stage one of the teachers started bawling and had to go to the bathroom. The others had tears in their eyes. Even some of the kids.

Today I was to play the piano to practice for a recital at some professionals stage house. Mr. Beal couldn't wait to show me off. In fact he had me play one  of the most flashy songs in the song book. He made sure it was a sad one. He knew I could play those best. Course he didn't know why.

   I liked the piano a lot too because it also had a sad sound. The notes of the keys echoed on after you played them and when you finished your performance they boomed in your ears reflecting all of the emotions of the player.

       One of the instruments I despised was the Flute. It was a instrument that had no worries or cares. It was free and happy and mocked me when I played it. That was one of the only instruments that I sucked at playing.

   When music class ended lunch began. I pulled a tattered grey bag out of my sweater. Inside was a deformed PB&J sand-which and a bad of smashed chips. I sneaked into the bathroom quietly and pulled my feet up to hide them. I bit into the sand-which and chewed slowly and quietly.

   A boy and his friends smashed onto the bathroom causing me to almost gasp. I held my breath instead cause if they noticed me I would be dead-meat. 

Of course when reached down to pull out my IPod and earphones the music blasted out and soon enough I grabbed it and pressed pause stuffing it down my sweater.

I cursed under my breath when they turned around and started pounding in the door. The tallest one with ugly black teeth and horrid breath spit through the crack in the stall,"Hey emo kid kid get your ass out of there! We wanna play with you a bit."


I held my hands to my ears and started to pray. I prayed they wouldn't open the door even though they did and I prayed they wouldn't drag me down the hallway and into the street.

They ended up punching me in the stomach until their was greyish vomit on the white cement. After that they left. Again I was curled up in a helpless ball on the ground. Tears mixed with the vomit I was laying in and I clenched my teeth in pain.

That night I was beat again. It was worse than last night. I lost a tooth and when I fell I sprained my leg.

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