Killjoy: Covered in Red

A young boy lives in poverty. His family is abusive and his only friends are the imaginary hero's he creates with his imagination. Dealing with school is even worse considering the kids call him the emo kid and bully him constantly. His life begins to worsen as he starts losing control and lashing out at the people around him. When he his put in a correctional facility after hurting people to badly he is confused and angry. In these times he is in need of his imaginary hero's even more. However as he slowly begins to lose hope the hero's start to fade. As he grows unaware to his feelings he meets someone who changes his whole life. Like a hero she saved his life. Not only did she save him she also had supernatural powers. Once she enters his life things began to grow a bit brighter. He even met the hero's he had imagined as these years. Finally someone had saved him. Finally he was not the killjoy anymore.


3. Break

    Soon enough another day had dawned. I woke up with the same bruises. Of course they were new from last night but I always had bruises so it was a regular thing. Every now and then in the middle of fights or when I was beat I'd have this feeling for a second or even less. I wanted to fight back. I wanted to hurt him.  ​I wanted him dead. I hated him.   All this time this little bit of hatred had grown and grown until I had harvested it enough to care. To fight back and try.

So that day when the bullies stole my bag the blood and vomit on the cement wasn't mine. 

They brought me out to the back of the school. It was only three of them The more the merrier. As the first one got ready to strike I looked at them all with a stare of hatred and anger. For the first time when he swung that punch I dodged it and came underneath him. I slide and made an uppercut to the sweet spot. As he cringed in pain the two others began to look pissed off. 

 One of them even said," What the hell you loser!"

Soon after that the other two were on the ground coughing up blood. But before I left I came back to the bully who started it all. I held him up off the ground by his neck and punched him. Over and over. I listened to the screams and reveled in their glory. 

Finally the tables had turned and finally I was the one who could make them scream in pain. It was so wonderful I began to laugh as his face became even more bloodied and mangled. When he was on the ground and my hands were covered in blood I watched the other two run while screaming. His blood. was dripping from my hands. I fought back.  


  I laughed and laughed as the facts came to my mind. When a teacher came out I was sitting in his pool of blood. I'm sure the teacher was terrified because she screamed and pulled out her phone.


 The principal came out into the street and grabbed my arms. I didn't know what was going on. What had I done wrong? It was only self defense. They shouldn't have messed with me. They should have known I was going to break soon.

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