Killjoy: Covered in Red

A young boy lives in poverty. His family is abusive and his only friends are the imaginary hero's he creates with his imagination. Dealing with school is even worse considering the kids call him the emo kid and bully him constantly. His life begins to worsen as he starts losing control and lashing out at the people around him. When he his put in a correctional facility after hurting people to badly he is confused and angry. In these times he is in need of his imaginary hero's even more. However as he slowly begins to lose hope the hero's start to fade. As he grows unaware to his feelings he meets someone who changes his whole life. Like a hero she saved his life. Not only did she save him she also had supernatural powers. Once she enters his life things began to grow a bit brighter. He even met the hero's he had imagined as these years. Finally someone had saved him. Finally he was not the killjoy anymore.


1. 1

    The boy stuck in the car on the bridge called out for help. Like magic they appeared. One had long brown hair. A as the leader of the hero's. Her power, like the others, was amazing. The strength of Hercules and fast reflexes gave her amazing abilities and helped her save many people. However a hero cannot do everything alone. Help always guarantees more lives to be saved of course. So alongside her stood her whole team. S was the one who had laser-vision and speed. He was most famous for helping more than one person at once. Another hero had the power to change into different animals. M was great for combat and defending. Out of all the six R was the smartest. R could calculate where things would fall and do many other helpful things for the hero's involving math and science. Swooping in with large wings was our gunner. K helped defend and had perfect aim. Last but not least J sliced through ropes and chains. She held a sharp samurai sword and had ninja skills that gave her the ability to dodge and release any captives. This completed the amazing hero's who saved people and defeated criminals.

       So here we are back on that bridge and that screaming boy stuck in the car is me. Or at least that's what I imagined. As the music poured in to my headphones from my crappy computer I had this whole amazing band of hero's I made up in my head. They weren't just there to save my imaginary self they also helped me get through the lonely nights and long days. Every hero was a close friend cause' someone like me would never have friends right? I mean, imaginary friends? If I ever went to a large party with crowds of people I would for sure be terrified and hide in a corner somewhere. At least that would be better than the people that would laugh at me for being scared. But anyways the car on that bridge is still waiting.   Tappity tap. My fingers flew across the keyboard as I typed my story. Soon the car began to sway back and forth and every movement was magnified one hundred times worse than it should actually be. It was like in a movie when the main character luckily lands on a branch after falling from the sky. Then a butterfly lands on the nose of the character and the branch snaps and they start falling again. So instead of moving I stayed still until I heard the angelic voice of A.   Outside of the car, on the bridge she said calmly," I'm going to count to three and when I say three you jump through the sun roof with as much energy as you can release. Ok?"   I spotted her through the front windshield giving me a hopeful grin and I gathered my courage as she began to count.   "1...2...3!"       As the number sounded through my head I jumped as far as I could until I was soaring high in the air. I looked down and saw the car I had been trapped in start to fall.     Small pieces of it broke and smashed into the water and that small bit of freedom I felt when I was suspended in the air disappeared.    The realization of my falling hit like a train on the tracks.      However just as I began to plummet to my death K yelled," I GOTCHA KID!"      With a hard swoop of her wings she had caught me and was carrying me as I breathed hard with relief. Suspended in air (without falling this time) I stared at the sea underneath me and almost felt invincible. I felt free... And happy.      There was a loud smash and this time it wasn't my imagination. My fingers were hovering above the dirty desk I was sitting at. Still in a daze a hard hand came across my face and in a few seconds I was on the ground. When I tried to get I stabbed my hands with glass pieces. I thought, Where did that come from?     ​ But as I looked around my face fell in horror because around me was the smashed pieces of the computer and above me was my Dad with a look of disgust in his face.     Terrified for my life I started backing up not caring anymore about the glass pieces piercing my hands.        Dad stepped closer clenching his fists and I held my head crying. His fists battered against my head and shook my head. With every hit I let out a pitiful scream.          When his hands stopped hitting me and I was lying on the ground in a puddle of blood he yelled at me. He cursed and kicked me twice making me scream out in more pain. He yelled about the computer and yelled about me. He even yelled about my school work but deep down I knew he didn't care about that either. To him I was just a sack of dirt for him to kick and punch. I was trash in his eyes.    

   On my eighth birthday he gave me a dull knife and said, " One day you'll use this boy. Hopefully you'll die on that day too."


The day after that he started beating me and who knew I would first use that knife on him. Apparently he didn't cause when I stabbed his hand he was unaware that I even had the knife. That was the first time I ever heard him scream out in pain. Of course it was also his last because all other screams came from me.

  But now he was here and he wouldn't stop yelling. Not until my eyes fell and I couldn't hear anything at all.  

When I woke up I was still on the ground covered in red. It was blood and it dripped all over the floor staining its already dirty carpets. As I looked around at everything I began to cry. I grabbed my pillow not caring that it was being soaked in red because now I was going to soak it with tears. My entire body ached and when I touched my face I could feel the welts where he had pummeled me like a boxer. As I felt around my entire body was covered in bumps, bruises, and scratches of all kinds. I laid there until the morning crying and staring at the window.

I still had to go to school so before I left I sneaked into the bathroom and washed up. I grabbed some long dark sweatpants and a black sweater to cover my body. I also added a navy blue cap and some brown rimmed sunglasses.


I looked for my backpack and slung it on my shoulder. Before I turned off my room light I noticed a clump of black on the floor. I felt around my head and noticed a barren spot sighing. After that I jumped through the window and thought desperately, ​When will my hero's come save me?'



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