From Across the Room

She was the writer, he was the inspiration


2. The Night After

“You look lively.” Britta pointed out. 
“Oh please…stop.” I was rubbing my head, dying from my hangover. 
“So I saw you met a good group of people to hang around last night. And still did a good job of keeping up with work.” 
“What's work without a little play?” I tried to joke. 
“I'm going to ignore that. So what's our next idea for the 7th book? We need to get this show on the road.” Britta said, getting down to business. 
“Give me a couple weeks to brainstorm; I have no idea. I've had some bad writers block.” I groaned. 
“I can't afford for you to have writers block. You are a majority of my paycheck.” Britta pointed out. 
“How could I ever forget that? I just pumped out a four book series…give me a couple weeks to think.” 
“Okay, but I want a decent brainstormed idea on my desk in a month; understood?” 
“Yes, completely.” 
“First day of July. Got it?” 
“Yes…I get it.” 
“Okay; here's your first check from the book. You better hope it goes to the bestseller list.” 
“Yeah, yeah…so I get anther bonus. I got it.” 
“Don't get smart with me.” 
“Okay…ill keep in touch.” I said as I got up and walked out to grab a taxi. 
“Home so soon?” Priya said as I walked into our pent house. I may have a quite a bit of money but I still enjoyed the company of my childhood friend. 
“Yeah, I kinda forced the meeting short.” I said, throwing myself on the couch. 
“Whys that?” 
“Because I'm having writers block…so…it's kind of hard to give new ideas with writers block.” Pryia rolled her eyes and joined me on the couch. “Don't roll your eyes at me.” 
“Don't tell me what to do.” I laughed and sunk lower into the couch. “So how long do you have before you need to submit a new book idea?” 
“Exactly a month; July 1st.” 
“One month is a pretty long time.” 
“Yeah I guess so…but I'm starting from scratch this time. I'm not continuing a series like before.” I pointed out. 
“True…but look at it as a fresh beginning.” 
“Typical Pryia, always trying to look at the positive sides.” 
“Well you can write anything now. You wrote a whole love series…now you can write anything now.” 
“Yeah but I was dating Myles when I started the series and he was my inspiration…now it's just me and I'm at a total loss.” 
“Then find something or someone new to inspire you.” Pryia said. 
“Your positive outlook on everything drives me insane sometimes.” I groaned. 
“Yeah, but you still love me. 

“So do you have her number?” I asked Louis when I was at his house later the next day.
“Ooo so someone likes my girl, Bethany.” Lottie said, walking in. 
“I hate you, Lottie. Please always remember that.” 
“I could set you two up. She just got out of a nasty relationship like 6 months ago. She could use a bit of fun.” 
“And you would do that?” I asked, skeptically. 
“Well duh. I like you, she needs a distraction plus some fun…that's basically the definition of Harry.” 
“I wish I could hurt you sometimes, but then I remember you're like my sister too.” 
“Yeah well…you learn to love me and you can never stop.” Lottie said, smirking. “I'll text her right now.” 
Hey, I gotta question – Lottie 
What's up? – Bethany
So I was wondering how you would feel about a date with Harry? – Lottie 
Seriously? – Bethany 
Well he seems into you. What's the harm? You and Myles have been done for awhile…it's time to get back out there again and you know it too. – Lottie 
You know I hate you, right? – Bethany 
So is that a yes? – Lottie 
I guess so. It's not like I have anything better to do. – Bethany
How does tonight sound? At palms café? You still like it there, right? – Lottie 
Sure…why not. – Bethany 
Seven o clock? – Lottie 
Sure. – Bethany 
I'll let Harry know! – Lottie
“Okay, 7 tonight, palms café; you're all set up.” 
“That simple?” I asked, eyes wide. 
“Yup…that simple. Have fun tonight!” Lottie yelled as she walked out of the room, and up the stairs. 
“You're sister is insane.” I pointed out. 
“Yeah but look at it this way; you're going on a date with a world famous author, and this will probably be the best summer of your life before going back to Oxford.” Louis pointed out. 
“Why do you think this is so fun?” 
“Because I like to live  through you.” I rolled my eyes and finished off my coffee before getting another cup. 

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