From Across the Room

She was the writer, he was the inspiration


7. Myles

I still didn't move from my bed. Pryia was out for the day with Marisole; I was invited to go but I just didn't feel up to it. Which was basically a huge hint that I saw her text, and I knew Myles was in town. Either way, I was snuggled into my bed, with no intention of moving until I heard a knock at my door; slightly confused since I didn't buzz anyone up but I slowly pulled myself out of bed and walked downstairs to the door. 
“Hello!” I was shocked to see Harry standing there with a to-go coffee and a small bag. 
“Uh hey…” I said, moving to the side to let Harry in. 
“I hope I didn't wake you. But I brought coffee and a buttered croissant.” Harry said, walking in and handing me the coffee and bag. 
“I thought you were going to be with your sister today? Isn't she in town?” 
“Yeah, but she's spending the afternoon with her friends and you sounded upset on the phone yesterday so I thought I'd come by.” I half smiled, thinking about how thoughtful Harry was being. 
“Uhm…thank you.” 
“Are you busy?” Harry asked as we walked into my kitchen. 
“Do I look busy?” I half joked. 
“Not really. You look like you just rolled out of bed to be honest.” 
“Well…yeah. I got out of bed to open the door for you. Speaking of which, how did yo get in without being buzzed up?”
“Oh, I guess the doorman recognized me as he was walking back inside from loading someone's car and let me in. I also might have told him I was here to surprise you and slipped him a $20.” I laughed and shook my head. 
“Of course you did.” 
“But do you wanna do something?” 
“I'm not sure I want to go out to be honest.” 
“Does this happen to have to do with why you're upset?” 
“Okay…then how about a change of scenery. Do you wanna go to my house? Maybe it'll get your mind off it for awhile. I have a pool or a game room…we can just watch a movie or something?” 
“Game room? Pool?” I questioned. 
“Moms got some money. So does dad. So...I live in a nice place I guess?” 
“Yeah…a change of scenery would be a very good idea. Let me just eat this croissant and drink this coffee, then get ready.” 
“So much to do just to drive to another house.” Harry joked. 
“Hey…if I'm going to be seen outside of my place, I'm not going to look like shit. Not when there's people out there who know you and follow my ass around.” I pointed out. 
“Okay, fair enough.” Harry said. We sat in silence as I finished eating and he then he waited in the living room while I took a quick shower and changed into shorts and a tank top, tying my hair up. I had half finished my coffee once my makeup was done, so I decided to just bring the rest with me. 
“Okay, I'm ready.” I said, re entering the living room. 
“I'll drive!” Harry announced. I grabbed my purse and followed Harry out of my place and down to the street where he parked. 

She still didn't seem to want to talk about why she was upset but I wasn't going to push anything. I was never one to do that and I was also never one to make someone uncomfortable by prying. I just let her keep it to herself and if she ever wanted to tell me, she would. And if she didn't want to tell me, that was okay to. 
“So Lottie said you've been writing a lot?” I asked her. 
“Oh, yeah I have been.” She said, something clearly on her mind. 
“What's it about?” 
“I'll tell you at some point.” Bethany said, smirking. 
“So it's top secret?” 
“For right now it is. I haven't decided if it's worth actually continuing or not. Actually, saying worth it doesn't sound good; I don't know if it's good enough yet.” 
“Okay then. A perfectionist over here.” 
“Yeah? So what?” 
“Did I say anything after that?” I said, smiling. 
“No, but you definitely wanted to.” 
“No, I think I'm good. You'd kill me in a second if I said what I wanted to say.” 
“Smart guy; law school must be doing some good for you.” She joked. I laughed as I slowed down at a red light. She turned the music on quietly and we both stayed quiet. I glanced over at her and she was beautiful. I know we decided to take things slow but some days I just wish we didn't decide to do that. There were times were I wish I could just reach over and kiss her and other times that I'm thankful that we're going slow; so I can learn more about her without all the extra. 
“It's green.” Bethany said. My attention snapped back to the road and I started driving again. “Zoning much?” 
“Yeah a little.” 
“Are you all good?” 
“You're lying but that's okay.” 
“Excuse me?” 
“I don't pry. I don't like when it's done to me so I don't do it to others.” Bethany shrugged and looked back out the window. 
“You never cease to surprise me.” I said, shaking my head. 
“Because you're different.” 
“You've already told me that.” 
“Yeah but every time you do or say something new, it just reminds me all over again.” 
“So I guess that's a good thing.” Bethany said. 
“It is. It always is.” 
“Let's not jump to conclusions now. I am still only human.” 
“Okay, fair enough.” 
“Let me guess…that answer surprised you too?” Bethany said, taking the words from my mouth. 
“I don't get how you picked such shit people that everything I do amazes you.” 
“Oh now let's not jump to that conclusion.” Bethany laughed at my joke and turned to smile at me, which is the first time I've seen her truly smile since I got to her house. 
“So we're going pretty far out of the city.” 
“Uh yeah. I live closer to the suburbs of London.” 
“I would never have guessed.” 
“Because you always get to my place mad quick.” 
“Well you never know when I leave.” I pointed out. 
“Okay, valid. Maybe it's just I lose track of time.” Bethany paused as the buildings passed us by. “So how far do you live from me?” 
“My house? About 45 minutes. From Louis's house, about 35. He's a few minutes closer to the city.” 
“That's not terrible.” 
“Nope…not at all. We're almost there anyway.” Bethany nodded and went back to looking out the window. 
The rest of the car ride went by pretty quick and when I pulled onto my street, Bethany perked up and watched all the houses pass. She seemed pretty impressed with how everything looked. 
“This is such a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood.” Bethany said, still watching the houses go by. 
“I have to say I agree. Almost too peaceful sometimes.” 
“How can something be too peaceful?” 
“I don't know. It gives me more time to think than I need.” 
“I don't ever have enough time to think.”
“A drive out here would give that to you.” 
“I agree with that.” Bethany said as I pulled into my driveway. “This is your house?” 
“It's nice.” 
“Thank you. I hope you don't mind but my sister is home. I guess she hasn't gone out yet.” 
“I don't mind.” I nodded, kind of annoyed that Gemma was still here. She didn't know we were coming but it almost makes me look like a liar; saying she was going out and all. 
I led Bethany inside and she was immediately speechless. She was looking around the foyer almost in shock. It made me smirk. She followed me into the kitchen where Gemma was sitting, making tea. 
“Oh hey…I didn't know you guys were coming.” Gemma said. Bethany looked over at her and nodded. 
“You must be Bethany.” 
“And you must be Gemma.” Bethany said. 
“Of course; the one and only.” 
“It's nice to meet you.” Bethany said. 
“And you as well. Harry told me a lot about you.” 
“Has he now?” Bethany said, smirking, as she turned to me. 
“Not at all. She got back yesterday. So that's not even true.” 
“You said a lot yesterday.” Gemma said, smirking. 
“I'm not sure who to believe here.” Bethany said laughing. 
“Obviously me.” Gemma said. 
“Oh come on!” I demanded. 
“Hey, I'm just speaking the truth.” Bethany joked. We all laughed as Gemma poured her tea. 
“Well I'm going to be going out within the hour with Lacie so I'll be out of your hair soon enough.” Gemma said. 
“You coming home tonight?” I asked. 
“Such a baby. But to be honest, I don’t know. Lacie and I are going club hopping so I might crash at her place since she lives right by the club strip in London.” 
“Okay, that's fine.” I said. 
“Stay at Louis's just to be safe. There's like a 99% chance I'm not coming home until tomorrow afternoon.” 
“Okay, be safe. Call me if something happens.” 
“Yeah little brother. You seriously act like my older brother.” 
“Just trying to be a good brother.” 
“You succeed.” Gemma said. “I'll be up in my room.” She said as she walked out of the kitchen with her tea. 
“You weren't kidding when you said you didn't like the quiet.” Bethany said. 
“Yeah…I'm not a fan.” 
“You literally stay at Louis's whenever your family is gone?” 
“Yeah, I wasn’t kidding.” 
“Yeah clearly. But that's okay. That's why I have a roommate.” 
“So…what did you want to do?” I asked. 
“To be honest?”
“Uh yeah.” I said. 
“I need a nap.” 
“Okay…my room? The guest room? The couch?” 
“Your room…I wanna tell you something anyway.” I nodded, leading her upstairs to my room. 

I followed Harry, nervous about telling him about Myles. But I did see promise with Harry so I didn't want to fuck it up somehow by not telling him and a bad situation erupting out of that. So, no matter how badly I didn't want to tell him, I was going to. 
“Okay...” I said slowly as I curled up into his bed, which was super comfortable. 
“Okay.” Harry said, sitting on the edge of the bed. It was nice how respectful he was about the space. He wasn't trying to force himself next to me and make me uncomfortable, he was sitting a comfortable distance away. 
“It's about my ex boyfriend, Myles.” Harry stayed quiet, just looking at me. “He uhm, he called me.” 
“Is that what's been bothering you? Him calling you? Did he hurt you or something?” 
“Yeah…the first couple years we were doing great, but he got into drugs and started drinking way too much way too often and started getting abusive, started stealing from me…it was hard to get a restraining order but when I finally got hospitalized because of him, he was sent to jail for three months and another three months he was sent to America for rehab. He just got back…” Harry went quiet and for the first time ever, he looked pissed as hell. He actually looked pale. 
“He's back in town…” Harry finally said slowly. 
“That's why I've been off…it was easy when he wasn't here to keep moving forward.” 
“And now?” 
“Now it's a mixture of old feelings and remembering what he did to me and being scared. The restraining order is still in place but he's not supposed to contact me, and he did.” 
“It scared you.” 
“Yeah…” I finally said. I felt tears begin to prick my eyes. 
“Hey…” Harry whispered. He moved slightly closer to me but still not a significant amount. “You do need to sleep. Keeping this all in isn't good. You need to sleep.” Harry reached over and pushed my hair out of my face, almost immediately feeling calm. I sighed, closing my eyes and sinking into the bed. 
“Thank you…” I whispered. 
“Of course.” 
“Will you stay here with me?” 
“Of course I will.” Harry said. I nodded slowly and gently pulled him so he was laying next to me. I curled up to his side, thinking it felt right. I sighed again, closing my eyes, and slowly falling into sleep. 

I stayed still, letting her curl into me. I didn't want to move and her wake up. All I could think of was this Myles guy. Was he a threat to me and her, no. But was he a threat to her, yes; and that's what pissed me off. He hurt her and she was still hurting from this and I didn't like that at all. 
I looked down at her and she was asleep. Quickly, yes, but she needed it and it was totally okay with me. She needed sleep. And what made it better was that I was close to her; she wanted me there. It was almost like an honor to be here, right next to her. And only a few minutes later, I got a little more comfortable in bed and fell asleep next to her. 

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