From Across the Room

She was the writer, he was the inspiration


3. First Date

I was sitting in a small booth in the corner when I saw Harry walk through the door. I waved him over and he gave me a small smile and joined me. 
“Hello there.” He said nicely. 
“Hello.” I didn't offer up much because I don't remember much of last night and I barely remember the guy. 
“So…how was your day?” Great…small talk. 
“Uh not to bad. I met with my agent, hung out with my roommate, then I had Lottie start texting me about you.” 
“That was my fault, I'm sorry.” 
“Your fault?” 
“Yeah I kinda asked Louis if he had your number. I don't know. I just thought you seemed fun.” 
“Fun?” I raised an eyebrow, not sure where this was going. 
“I didn't mean like that…fuck I don't know. I suck at first dates.” I kinda smiled at that and shrugged.
“It's okay…me too. I just got out of a really long relationship so I don't remember how to meet new people.” I said as I shrugged. 
“Good- so we can both suck at this.” I smiled again and nodded. 
“I guess so.” 
“So…for being a best selling author, why do you have a roommate?” 
“Pryia is my childhood friend…plus I like the company. It's cheap rent for her and company for me so…” 
“Did I meet her last night?” 
“No…she was on a date of her own.” I said as the waitress brought over two coffees. 
“I see you ordered for me?” Harry asked. 
“Yeah…I was kind of early and figured why not. Do you not like coffee?” 
“No, I like coffee. I'm just surprised. Normally I have to order for the girl.” Harry pointed out. I scoffed and shrugged. 
“Not with me. I hate when people order for me. Like I am a grown woman and I can order my own food and drinks.” Harry started laughing which calmed my nerves just a bit. Maybe this date wouldn't be too god ass awful. 
At the end of the night, Harry walked me to my car and we stood there awkwardly for a few minutes before either of us said anything. 
“I had a good night.” I finally said. 
“Me too…” Harry said.
“I have to be honest though; I am surprised I had a good night.” 
“Whys that?” Harry asked. 
“Because I'm used to people being after my money or just being straight up douche bags. It was nice to be able to have an evening with someone who is…polite.” I said, choosing my words carefully. 
“It's been one night; don't expect me to think that you're gonna get the word charming, or gentlemanly out of me quite yet.” I joked. 
“Okay, fair enough. Do I get a second chance?” I was shocked he asked for a second date. 
“That means I'm going to need your number.” Harry said, handing me his phone. I typed my number in and handed it back to him. “I'll give you a call. Have a safe trip home.” 
“You too.” I said as I got into my car. It wasn't until I had locked my car doors that I realized I hadn't been breathing that whole time. I sighed and started my car, and my drive home. 
By the time I got home, Pryia had gone to bed. It was almost 10 and she works full time in the summer as a camp counselor and was a full time fifth year teacher at a local elementary school so she needed her sleep. It was a perfect time for me to escape to my office because for some odd reason…I felt the urge to write. 
From Across the Room
By Bethany Joy
It all started…


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