From Across the Room

She was the writer, he was the inspiration


1. Book Launch

From Across the Room


“This is silly” I sighed, to my best friend Marisole. 
“Well, Jeania thinks it necessary for your book so…it must be done.” 
“I know but this is just silly. A bunch of rich people here for the launching of my book and I'm forced to be here, pretending to enjoy it? This isn't my idea of fun.” 
“Hey, Summers Eve was a hit; it'll become a best seller. Now you just have to come up with a whole new idea.” Marisole said, grabbing two champagnes from a waiter walking by. “Here…” 
“Yeah but the beginning is the hardest part. I just finished a four book series and I'm ready to take a break.” I sighed. 
“You? Take a break?” Zuri said, walking up. “Like that'll happen. Boss lady, Britta would never allow that. You bring her in too much money.” 
“I hate when you're right.” I sighed. 
“Ooo…hotties spotted, three o clock.” Marisole said. I turned and saw a group of guys walk in and the one with curly hair almost blew my mind. 
“Looks like curly is the next target.” Zuri joked. 
“He might just be.” I said, laughing. I downed the rest of my drink just as Britta walked up. 
“So this book launch party is going wonderfully!” She announced. 
“That's great.” I grumbled as curly started walking away. 
“Can you show a little more enthusiasm?” Britta complained. 
“Probably not right now. Look, can we talk business tomorrow? I want to enjoy my book party, not sit here and dread it.” 
“Tomorrow, my office, 10 am sharp.” 
“Yeah, got it.” I said, pushing around her with Marisole and Zuri right by my side. 

“So who exactly is this party for?” I asked Louis, since he's the one who invited me and the guys.
“Her name is Bethany Joy. She's the author of the book that's being launched tonight.” 
“So she's a writer?” Niall asked, looking around. 
“That's normally what a book launch party is for- a writer.” Louis joked. 
“Oh, shut up. I'm new to shit like this. How did you get us in here to begin with?” Niall asked. 
“Lottie is friends with her publisher. Bethany is supposed to be really hot. Her and Lottie know each other as well.” Louis said. “I've met her briefly, just once. So I highly doubt she would remember me.” 
“Why are we even here if we don't know this girl?” I asked. 
“Because Lottie was busy and asked if we could get her a signed book copy.” Louis said. 
“Look at her…” Liam pointed. That's when I noticed a group of four girls, forming by the open bar. And the one in the pink dress just caught my eye. 

“Oh and look who decided to show up.” I said, as Analia showed up, joining us at the bar. 
“Hey, I had a last minute meeting with my agent so excuse me.” Analia said. 
“Excuses, excuses.” Zuri said, giggling. 
“Oh shut up…Bethany over here already launched her career, I'd like to make a small dent in my dream!” Analia announced, getting a vodka soda. 
“Yeah, six books in and I'm already being asked what my next book is gonna be about.” I grumbled. 
“You live the life. Sit around, sit at a laptop for a few hours, write a couple chapters, do whatever…like that sounds like a dream job!” Analia said. 
“Curly is totally eyeing you down.” Marisole jumped in, changing the subject. I glanced up and saw him and his friends staring. 

“That's Bethany.” Louis pointed out; the girl in the pink dress, black hair, nude heels…that was Bethany…the writer. 
“She looks a little young to be a writer.” Niall said. 
“She's 21.” Louis said. 
“So she's our age?!” Liam sounded really surprised. 
“Yup…with 5 best sellers. This is her 6th book to come out.” 
“You seem to know her fairly well.” I pointed out jokingly. 
“Well her and Lottie are like besties. And as I said, Lottie and Bethany's agent are close too.” 
“Shes really hot.” Niall pointed out. 
“I think Harry has mental dibs on her.” Liam joked. I rolled my eyes and punched his arm. 
“Get the fuck outta here.” 
“So how do you like the book party?” We looked over and saw Bethany with her few friends. “And how are you, Louis?” 
“So you do remember me?” 
“I'm a writer…it's my job to remember really stupid shit.” 
“Are you calling me stupid?” Louis asked. 
“The fact that you had to ask that, confirms it. But I'm Zuri.” She held her hand out and we all shook hands. 
“This is Analia as well.” Bethany said. 
“Nice to meet you.” We all said. 
“So how's Lottie? I haven't seen her in awhile.” Bethany said. 
“She's good- super busy. She wants a signed copy of your book.” Bethany smirked as Louis handed her a book. 
Okay bitch…don't show up to my book signing, just send your brother. With love, Bethany. 
“Wow that's…so nice.” Niall joked, reading over Louis shoulder once I handed it back to him. 
“I'm the nicest ever.” Bethany joked. 
“She's actually a bitch. She's just super good at hiding it.” Zuri joked. We all laughed and Bethany got us all a round of drinks and we spent the rest of the night laughing and enjoying ourselves. 


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