From Across the Room

She was the writer, he was the inspiration


5. Beach Day

“How was date number two?!” Lottie questioned me the next morning. I had gone back to Louis's after the date since no one was at my house. 
“It went well.” 
“That's it? That's all I get? Bethany ignores my calls and you give no detail whatsoever! It's super frustrating!” 
“Well I'm sorry. I didn't get back until close to midnight.” 
“Shit the date went that well?”
“I was there until like 11 and then I stopped for a coffee and came here…I don’t know.” 
“Ugh no details; I hate you.” Lottie walked out of the room as Louis walked in.
“Do you purposely piss Lottie off?” Louis asked, smirking. 
“Yeah pretty much. But why doesn't she just ask Bethany?”
“Because according to Lottie, Bethany's been nonstop writing. She doesn't remember the last time she spent so much time at a computer so something super interesting must've come up.” Louis shrugged and started eating a bowl of cereal. 
“Are we doing anything today?” I asked, changing the topic. 
“I didn't have plans. Did you want to do something?” 
“Beach day? It's already really hot out.” 
“Fuck yeah. I'm gonna invite the guys.” 
“Of course.” I said. 
“And Zuri.” Louis coughed out. 
“Bethany's friend, that Zuri?” I started smirking and Louis shook his head.
“What? She's hot, I got her number, we've been talking about hanging out. Nothing date wise just as friends. She's just fucking hot.”
“So this is a hot friend? Nothing else?” 
“Pretty much. Why don't you invite Bethany?” 
“Seriously? Three days in a row isn't weird to you?” 
“Did Bethany seem weirded out by the two dates in two days thing?” Louis asked. 
“So why not invite her? This really isn't a date, it's more of a lets hang out because it's a beach day kind of thing.” 
“See now that just sounds stupid.” 
“Fuck man, just ask her. It won't hurt.” 
“Ugh, fine!” 

I was sitting at my computer desk, back to typing away. It was like every thought that came to my head was on paper. Like suddenly Harry became my inspiration for something. So far, the whole story was what's been going on the past few days except different character names…it was insane. I had no idea why this seemed like a good idea, it just did. And that's when my phone rang. 
“Hello?” I grumbled, frustrated. 
“Wow…three days in a row.” 
“Is that bad?” 
“It all depends. What do you want?” 
“Shit did I wake you or something? You're super grumpy.” 
“No it's just…I've been writing a lot lately and when I start writing, getting interrupted bothers me but it isn't your fault. That's just a thing of mine.” 
“Well if this offer isn't worth the call, you can go back to writing. But it's a really nice day out and me and the guys were planning a trip to the beach and I wanted to know if you wanted to join.” 
“You want me to join in on guys day?” 
“I wouldn't say guys day exactly…” 
“Louis invited Zuri?” 
“Wait you know about this?” 
“Oh please. I'm a girl, Zuri is one of my best friends…”
“Okay true. But I was still wondering if you wanted to join. I mean if you're really that into your writing, I totally understand. It's your job, but…I figured I would ask.” Harry said. I thought about it for a second and then saved my work. 
“I'll come. Do you want to meet here or me meet you at your place?” 
“Uh…you're more in the direction of the beach so I guess we can meet at your place.” 
“Okay, cool. I'm probably gonna get ready and end up back into my writing so you can just come up when you get here. My door is unlocked.” 
“Okay…will do.” Harry said. I hung up the phone, got ready real quick, then just like I said, ended up right back behind my computer, typing away. 

“We're going to pick Bethany up at her place since she's on our way to the beach.” I called out. 
“Cool…Niall and Liam said they would be here in like 15 minutes so…we should be ready by then.” 
“Where are you guys going?” Lottie asked, walking into the room. 
“The beach.” Louis said. 
“Can I come?!” Lottie asked happily. Louis looked at me and I shrugged. 
“I don't care.” I said. 
“Yeah sure, you can come.” 
“Yay! Let me go get ready super quick!” Lottie called, running back upstairs. 
Once Lottie was ready, we got in Louis's car as I have him directions to Bethany's. When we pulled up, all the guys were just staring in awe. 
“This is her place? This is like the richest area in London…” Niall said slowly. 
“Oh it gets better.” Lottie joked, looking at me. 
“How?” Liam asked. 
“She lives in the pent house.” I said. Everyone's eyes went wide as we got out of the car to head up to her place. 

“When are they gonna get here?! Zuri complained. Marisole ended up stopping by so she was invited as well. 
“I don't fucking know. Can you let me concentrate?” I groaned. 
“Yeah, forreal Zuri. She's actually writing and she needs to work so…let her work.” Marisole said. 
“Hello?!” I heard Lottie call through my place. 
“IN THE OFFICE!” Marisole yelled back for me. That's when Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Lottie walked into my office. 
“Girl! Long time no see!” I smiled, got up, and gave Lottie a hug. 
“So I see we have an extra person?” Niall said. “Marisole, right?” 
“Yup, I'm surprised you remember. But I stopped by and they said it was beach day and I said I was joining. I didn't really give them a choice.” 
“That's the way to do it.” Liam joked. We all laughed as I saved what I was writing. 
“I can't really fit everyone in my car…” Louis said slowly. 
“That's okay. I'll drive my car too.” I said. 
“I'm totally going in your car!” Lottie and Marisole said at the same time. 
“I'll join too…” Harry said slowly. I smiled a little and nodded. 
“Okay…Zuri you got traded to Louis's car.” 
“Wow…I swear to god, it's only because I like Harry.” Zuri said. We all laughed and grabbed out beach stuff. The guys helps carry the shit ton of beer Zuri brought to my house, snacks she picked up, towels, chairs, an umbrella, a radio…the whole nine yards. We also grabbed out beach bags and I grabbed my keys. Marisole, Lottie, and Harry followed me down to my car that was obviously in the garage. Once at my car, Harry's jaw dropped. 
“What?” Lottie asked, smirking. “Did you expect some dumb ass piece of shit after seeing her place?” I giggled and unlocked my car; a blood red Nissan GT-R, 2016 model. 
“Fuck I don't know what I expected but this is fucking incredible!” Harry said.
“Well since you're the guy…you get shotgun.” Marisole said. Zuri filled her in on all the shit that's gone on with me and Harry so she was already in the know about us. 
“Seriously?” Harry asked. 
“Yeah, seriously. Get in.” Lottie said, smiling. We threw out bags in the trunk and hopped into my car, and floored it out the garage and right up, next to Louis's car. 
“Is that yours?!” Louis asked, wide eyed, just like Harry. 
“Fuck yeah it is. See you there?” I said, smirking. 
“Well yeah…I'm not going to be able to keep up with you.” 
“At least you've accepted it. See you soon!” I waved as I floored it and off to the beach we went. 
Once we got to the beach, Harry, Lottie, Marisole, and I started setting up in the perfect spot. Right by the ocean but far enough away from other people. Harry set up an umbrella as we set up chairs and coolers. Marisole pulled out her phone and some speakers and started playing music as Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zuri joined. 
“Wow look who finally arrived.” Marisole joked. 
“Yeah that's so funny.” Louis said back. We all laughed as they started setting up what was in their car. By the time all was said and done, towels were everywhere, music was blasting, chairs were set up, and there were coolers full of snacks and alcohol everywhere. 
“So how's shit with Harry?” Lottie asked, handing me a beer. The guys had wandered off into the water, Zuri and Marisole had gone for a walk, so it was just me and Lottie. 
“Good I guess.” 
“You guess? What does that even mean?” 
“It means it's been two dates and now today. I'm beginning to wonder why they all ended up being three days in a row. Did you have something to do with that?” I questioned. 
“Okay mostly me, part Liam. Why? I thought you seemed to like him. I mean, you did agree to a second date which I'm assuming is going to lead to a third date.” Lottie pointed out. 
“I'm still getting used to him. He's the first guy I've talked to since Myles and you know how that ended…” 
“Yeah, badly. But Myles was getting bad anyway, getting into shit he shouldn't be getting into. He had to go.” 
“That's not the point. The point is that it's been awhile and I'm not going to jump into anything. I plan on taking my time with him.” 
“Whatever makes you happy. I just figured since you agreed to a second date with him and coming to the beach today, it meant you liked him.” 
“I don't know how I feel about him yet.” I said slowly. 
“Have you even kissed? Held hands? Anything?” Lottie asked, surprised. 
“We've awkwardly hugged. That's about it.” I pointed out. 
“That doesn't count. So out of the two dates that supposedly went well, nothing has happened?” 
“Stuff like this takes time.” 
“Well yeah…but this is taking forever.” Lottie exclaimed. 
“Forever? It's been three days. And this is the third day.” I pointed out. 
“Fine. Be like that. Are you going to come swimming?” 
“Yeah, sure.” I said, standing up. 

“Bethany sure is hot as all hell…” Louis pointed out. We all turned and saw her taking her bathing suit cover up off and she was wearing a dark blue bikini top with black bottoms. I bit my lip and little and sunk a little more into the water. 
“Harry's dying.” Niall said, laughing. 
“This is no joke.” I pointed out. “She's perfect.” 
“So is there going to be a third date?” Liam asked. 
“I wish. I just can't think of anywhere to take her. I feel like I have to keep coming up with new things but I also don't want to go to overboard and scare her off.” I said slowly as her and Lottie dove into the water. 
“So what's something new? What have you guys date wise so far?” Niall asked. 
“Dinner and a movie, and a simple dinner.” 
“So how about a day date? Like a picnic or something.” Liam suggested. 
“Hopeless romantic at its finest.” Niall joked. 
“Hey…it's just a suggestion.” Liam said, shrugging. 
“Hey boys!” Lottie said as her and Bethany reached us. She ended up tying her hair up in a bun as she floated around. 
“Shit the water is nice as hell.” Bethany said. 
“Yeah I never understood how you girls just lay on a beach all day.” I said. “It gets too hot.” 
“It's not terrible when you know you gotta work on your tan.” Lottie said dramatically. Bethany laughed and smiled as she ducked under the water again. 
As the day went on, we played volleyball, joked and drank by our beach set up, swam, tanned, and for awhile, Bethany ended up reading off by herself for a little, claiming she had a headache. The guys and I had ended up back in the water and the girls had tanned, Louis took a nap and got so burned he looked like a lobster…overall a really good day. 
“Want to go on a walk?” I asked Bethany. She was standing by the water letting the water barely touch her feet. She looked over at me and smiled. 
“Sure…” We started walking away from the group. The sun had started to go down but it was still pretty warm out. 
“Did you have fun today?” I asked. 
“Yeah I did. It was nice to get out for once. I don't remember the last time I have gone to the beach.” 
“Whys that?” I asked. 
“Work; it's all I do anymore. The better I write, the more I write, the more money Britta and Jeania get and that's their goal. So I'm the money maker and they need me. So I don't get vacation or days off often.” Bethany said sadly. 
“Yore 21…you should be out living life. Not cooped up in an office writing all the time.” 
“It is what it is. I love my job, I just wish I had more time for myself. But the more famous you get, the more demand there is to come out with another book.” 
“You know, people make being an author sound fantastic, I guess it isn't.” 
“No, not really. I may have a month off but as soon as July hits, I'll be back to book tours, book signings, book readings, book proposals, meetings about books, and now I have movie meetings since they're making Winters Cold, Falls Magic, Springs Beauty, and Summers Eve into movies.” 
“Four movies? Just like that? Summer's Eve just came out!” I said, shocked. 
“Yup…the ratings are already so high that they’re already talking about movies. And of course I have to oversee the script, the auditions I have to watch to help pick actors…the whole nine yards. So I have a month to bullshit before my life goes back to being hectic as hell.” Bethany said slowly. She sighed, almost as if she didn't want life to hit. 
“But you enjoy it, right?” I asked. 
“I enjoy book parties that involve alcohol to help me loosen up and pretend I enjoy all the extra that comes with writing.” 
“Is that what it was like at the book launch party?” I asked. 
“Sort of. You guys just happened to be fun instead of annoying and try-hards.” I pointed out. 
“Well that's good to know.” Bethany laughed and little before sighing again. 
“It's harder than a lot of people think. I just know when a book comes out, and I know I did well, it's worth it.” 
“But that's when all the hecticness begins.” 
“That's true. But it's almost like a sense of accomplishment; knowing I did great.” 
“That makes sense.” 
“So what about you? What do you do?” Bethany asked me. 
“I'm still in college. I go to Oxford for law and politics…and minoring in business.” 
“Wow, busy guy. And smart.” 
“Yeah I guess. But it's hectic as well. Just not to the writers standard.” 
“No, maybe not to a writers standard but you are learning about law, politics, and business…that definitely can't be easy.” 
“That its not. But I've wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I can remember so…it's worth it.” 
“Maybe I should hire you to be my personal lawyer.” Bethany joked. 
“Yeah wouldn't that just be a trip.” Bethany laughed and we fell into a comfortable silence. “Maybe we should head back. I see the guys beginning to pack things up.” Bethany nodded and we started back to the group to finish up packing and the heading back home. 

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