The Lives We Live. (Sketchreppinink)

This is my story.


2. Chapter 1:

It's 3pm again and this is the time when we go to the closet shops for supplies and since we're not adults then we won't get hurt so Hunter mil decides to come up with a list of what they need so we get it for them. So us three go around to each family and get their list then go to the main area and open the box where some families put their list once we have all of them then we then go out of the school and go to the local shop once we get there then we get what we need from that list then give it to the shop keeper then onto the next once we have completed all of the lists then we pay for the groceries then leave on the way back then Louise notice the most famous gang come towards us so we put down our heads that's when one of the girls from the group says "Oh look a group of girl wait they're not 18, that's boring" with that one of the members look up while Kaya is looking at them so Louise takes the groceries from kaya and says "You have been chosen" with that the guy takes Kaya's hand then walks away from us

So Louise and I carry on that's when I see my old school friend that joined that group so I then look at Louise and she sees him alone so takes the groceries then says "I'll tell your parents that your looking at some new art paint colours" India "thanks" with that Louise walks on then goes into our school grounds so I then go over to my old school friend but suddenly I get stopped by someone puling me back after pulling me back then he says "I don't care about your age choose me to have some fun with" with that  try and get free but I can't but I still try that's until he yells "quit moving or I will hurt you" with that I hear someone say "you touch my girl and you ill be the one getting hurt now go before I get my group to come back" with that he leaves so I turn around and go into the person that saved me chest with that I realises that I'm hugging a random guys chest so I then say "sorry" with that I back away until I see its JD so I then say "hey I was going to come over but you came and rescued me instead" JD "well you are beautiful and you always have been" with that I decide to hug him again that's when he says "I'm not alone, it's good that once you get a girl you can't change because if so then I would be having you right now and a few times before" India "how is Khloe?" JD "yea good, she's pregnant" India "really well done" JD" not from m, she's been cheating so I decided to cheat as well by watching you" India " that's kind of creepy' JD "yea but your worth it, oh that reminds me I have a way of you being able to see me 24/7" India "I'm not going to become apart of the group" JD "Did I say that. Nope, so Khloe's looking for someone that will look after the baby so I decided you, this means that we can run away together and start a family just you, me and the baby" India "I'll think about it" JD " you always said it in high school now is our chance" India "let me think about it" JD "of course you have two days then I would like the answer now let me walk you back to school" India "thanks" with that JD and I walk back to school once we get there then JD kisses my cheek then says "I have a meeting in the morning so around 4:45 then I will be here and make sure you come whatever you choose as I will be after you if you don't come, oh and bring whatever makes you happy so that means some paintings or your dog can come but your family or friends can't got it" with that I nod my head then go into the schools grounds

Once I finally get to our area then I go into my converted bedroom and sit there and start to think about should I go or not with a lot of thought and a lot of hours going by I decide that being a babysitter for Khloe's baby will give me experience for when I get out of Sydney so I then start to pack my bag once I have then I realise that these two nights will be the last ones that I'm going to have with my parents and little brother Conor but I will take my puppy Colt so I will have some family with me. Once I have organised my bag and things for Colt then I go out to where everyone else is and stay around them until sunset where I quickly go over to Louise and tell her what's happening

Louise's Pov: I knew that I couldn't stop India from going but I knew that I couldn't go as well so I then hug India then walk away and go to my converted home where I knew my parents would be wondering where I am.

India's Pov: Once Louise walked away then I go to the arts department and start cooking dinner for mum while she my brother with his school work which my dad had gathered that day for him once I have finished dinner then I put it on the table so Connor then moves his school work then we all quickly say grace after dinner then my dad then says "I found some English and Geography for you so it's in your bedroom on the table" with that I nod my head then go to my room after put my dishes in the sink. Once I get to my room instead of doing my school work I go and lay down which ends up on me falling asleep.

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